Does Jason Really Understand Clay on 'SEAL Team'?
Does Jason Really Understand Clay on 'SEAL Team'?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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Jason admitted that understanding someone is crucial for a team on SEAL Team. He then confused Ray, by sharing that he understood Clay and that was why he didn't want Clay to become the new member of Bravo Team. Jason further explained that Clay is a "true believer," which will get someone killed and Jason doesn't want to risk that, although he does give Clay a chance.

Is it possible that Jason doesn't quite understand Clay the way he thinks? Snippets of Clay show that he's not quite as gung-ho as Jason makes him out to be. Clay may have the chance to prove Jason is completely wrong about him.

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Clay Wants to Prove He Isn't His Father

One of Clay's biggest motivations is to prove that he's not his father. When Ash Spenser came to town, Clay and Ash got into heated words. Clay made it very clear that he despises everything that his father was and still is.

As SEAL Team continued, Clay showed that he's just a young kid in search for a family. He currently doubts that the SEALs will offer him that, but he's become more open to the idea after dealing with Brian's death. This character development has been more internal, especially during the interrogation phase of training.

Jason hasn't witnessed these elements of Clay's story and development. While Jason knows the basics, he's not been able to see Clay's real motivations. Jason has only seen Clay in action in the premiere and then when he was bottom-fived and tried to prove his worth. While it shows that first impressions do count, Jason can't possibly understand Clay deeply from those moments.

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Jason Has His Own Issues

What's not helping Jason is his own issues over Nate's death. Jason continues to blame himself and knows that Nate was involved in something deeper. Nate's secrets could have put the whole team at risk. The truths Jason is learning will cloud his vision and opinion of others, especially new members of the team that haven't always proven the ability to follow orders.

Jason understandably worries about the rest of his team. He doesn't want a loose cannon, which he fears Clay could be based on past experience. Clay is going to have to prove to Jason that he can be a team player and that Brian's death has helped teach him that. If he really wants to find a family, Clay needs to be part of it and show that he wants it.

While Jason has learned how to read recruits in training, he isn't perfect. There are many things currently affecting his opinion, especially of Clay. There is a chance he's just projecting fears about Nate onto the new member of the team.

Do you think Jason really understands Clay? Will Clay accidentally get a member of Bravo Team killed? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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