Scrubs: Preview of Season Finale 'Our Thanks'
Scrubs: Preview of Season Finale 'Our Thanks'
The ever-immortal Scrubs has survived yet another season in the hands of the alphabet network, so tonight marks another milestone.  But this is perhaps its last episode ever, as even creator Bill Lawrence pointed out the slim chances of the show's renewal.

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But we still have "Our Thanks" tonight, and we're thankful for that.  As well as for the nine seasons that Scrubs has given us.  Anyway, the Winston University med students are grateful as well, as they've finally found new realizations throughout their journeys in the hospital.

First off, there's Cole (Dave Franco).  Everyone in the hospital found him a lazy waste of matter since he hardly worked hard to stay in the school.  But tonight on "Our Thanks," he discovers his true calling.

We're not talking about Lucy, of course.  Cole aka C-Dog will be following the footsteps of Turk (Donald Faison) and trying his pampered hand at surgery, which he ends up being successful at.

Meanwhile, Drew (Michael Mosley) has finally found the love of his life in Denise (Eliza Coupe).  The two have been improving on their relationship, have even exchanged those three essential words and afterwards pretended the other didn't exist.

Now that they know what a perfect match they are - like Fonzie and Jo, as J.D. said earlier, will marriage be the next step?  We don't think Denise would approve immediately, but she'll get around to it.  When she does, we totally expect her to lock Drew up in a jail cell for a week.

As for our protagonist Lucy (Kerry Bishe), she has finally pinpointed what inspires her to be a doctor.  If you remember, she had a hard time figuring out why she's in med school when Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) asked the students about it.

The question now is, will she be able to keep at it and strive for his level of greatness?  We didn't say capacity to induce fear though, just being an esteemed doctor is fine.

But to answer that we'd need even more seasons of Scrubs to explain Lucy's own voyage, just like J.D.  A lot of fans already believe that there isn't any hope for that happening, so we might as well enjoy tonight's last hurrah.

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Don't forget to catch "Our Thanks" as Scrubs airs tonight at 9pm on ABC.

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