Scrubs: "My Dumb Luck" Recap
Scrubs: "My Dumb Luck" Recap
Some time at the beginning of the season, Elliot accidentally spilled the beans on Kelso's age, prompting the board to enforce their mandatory retirement age. But, if J.D. wasn't narrating the beginning of every episode of Scrubs, there's no way I would have remembered this since this TV season has been so long with huge breaks ever month or so. Anyways, because of that slip, we get a quality Kelso episode as he forces a random intern to sit down with him on the bench in front of Sacred Heart and reminisce about his years at the hospital telling crazy story after crazy story in the way that only Bob Kelso can.

Driven partially by guilt for giving away Kelso's secret, Elliot convinces Carla to help Kelso keep his job. The only one who seems to be adamantly against them is, of course, Ted. Unfortunately, while celebrating Kelso's retirement by running around the hospital ground naked, he gets hit by the Janitor's van and bites off part of his tongue, leaving him unable to voice any of his concerns.

Meanwhile, Cox is having trouble with one of his recurring patients who has been visiting him for years with the same symptoms without ever being able todiagnose the problem. Turk and J.D. give him a hard time about not being able to figure out what's wrong with the patient but soon offer to help. Cox gives them a urine sample to analyze.

While everyone runs around with the errands of the episode, Kelso continues to talk to the poor intern about his time, telling him creepy Kelso story after creepy Kelso story. In typical Scrubs fashion, he ties all three of the plot threads together, talking about how hard it is to change direction once the ball starts rolling.

Of course, later everything is wrapped up at the same time. J.D. and Turk figure out the problem with Cox's patient after leaving the urine sample out in the sun and using google to figure out why it turned purple. They discover that it is a rare genetic disease with no cure. Cox passes this on to his patient but is surprised to find out that the patient is actually relieved. He explains that even though it's a bad thing, a bad thing that you are familiar with is better than one that you don't. Conveniently, this is what Cox needed to realize before volunteering to help Elliot and Carla fight the board to keepKelso on board.

So Cox gets the whole staff to convince the board to let Kelso stay. But then, Kelso explains that all he ever wanted was to leave on his own terms so he tells the board to "blow it out your ass" and quits. On his way out he even takes his portrait and throws in his trunk.Kelso is awesome.

These last few episodes have actually made me excited at the possibility of Scrubs continuing for another season. Sadly, though, part of that joy has come from the new focus on Kelso so it will be sad if this, indeed, is the last we'll see of him. Fortunately for us, he did win that "free muffins for life" prize at the hospital deli, so, if we're lucky, he will still be stopping by to cash in on that.

-George Freitag, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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