'Scrubs' Moving to ABC Next Season?
'Scrubs' Moving to ABC Next Season?
You're not having deja vu.  Once again, it is being rumored that should NBC go through with its plan to not pick up Scrubs beyond this current season, ABC will jump in and take over the long-running comedy series.  The Hollywood Reporter is saying that ABC would like to order 18 additional episodes of Scrubs for the 2008-2009 television series, which is great news for fans of the show.   It's been assumed for some time that this current season would be Scrubs' last.  Nothing is final (or, seemingly, even close) but considering the desire which ABC appears to have for Scrubs, things are looking bright for Zach Braff and company. 

In one of those uncomfortable production company/network set-ups, Scrubs is actually produced by ABC Studios, which is one reason ABC thinks so highly of the series.  Current ABC entertainment president Steve McPherson actually helped develop Scrubs for what was then Touchstone Studios and has always been a huge supporter of the series.  The word on the street is that ABC would like a nice half hour comedy companion for their recent break out hit Samantha Who?, which stars Christina ApplegateScrubs fits the bill.

This is, quite frankly, astonishing news.  Scrubs has been sent through the ringer with NBC on numerous occasions.  The Peacock has never given Scrubs a consistent time slot, has always waited until the last minute to order a pick-up and has just never been fully behind the series.  As evidenced by Scrubs' loyal fan base and current syndication popularity, the series has legs, whether NBC ever realized it or not.  Further complicating manners was the writers' strike, which ruined the writers' plans to end the show on their own terms.  NBC currently has five new episodes of Scrubs in the can, but those five shows don't contain a proper series finale.  The Scrubs team has been meeting with NBC about how to properly send the show off, but NBC doesn't appear willing to let Scrubs to go back into production. 

If ABC can pull this off (and it's not going to be easy) then this would be a major coup for the network, for the Scrubs team and, most of all, fans of the show.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: The Hollywood Reporter 
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