'Scrubs' in the Bahamas
'Scrubs' in the Bahamas
The hit comedy series Scrubs is getting out of Sacred Heart hospital for an episode on a Bahamian island next season.  The cast and crew filled up the population of the small town recently to film the episode.

“We were on a little island called Hope Town in the Bahamas.  The population is 300, and we brought 84 people there, so we increased their population by about a third,” said series creator Bill Lawrence.  Things got even better for everyone, when he heard how everyone in Hope Town was a fan of the show.  Local officials of the island offered to foot the bill for the shoot, and Lawrence didn't hesitate to get on board.

The creator of the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning series admits that he was thrilled at going to the Bahamas.  “[I]t was one of the best experiences I've had,” he said, despite the number of blackouts and lack of roads in their location.  Though there were such obstacles in their way, the cast and crew of Scrubs still managed to complete their shoot.

The episode which features the town will be about the wedding ceremonies of Neil Flynn's character, the janitor.  Lawrence also revealed that the janitor will be inviting 700 people to the Bahamas with only three days notice.  He doesn't actually want to see them, though, and only called them there because he wants to receive gifts.  Lawrence says that it is one “fantastically funny episode,” especially since the quirky janitor doesn't really want anyone else to be there.  Lawrence will also appear as the preacher who will facilitate the marriage between Flynn's character and his wife-to-be.

Scrubs will be making a move from NBC to its new home of ABC for its eighth season.  Lawrence has also confirmed that there will be new characters to be added to the already crazy gang when the show returns this fall.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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