'Scrubs,' in Network Limbo, Heads Back into Production
'Scrubs,' in Network Limbo, Heads Back into Production
Scrubs, the long-running NBC hospital comedy, went back into production today.  All the cast and crew are back at work, but there's a problem: no one is sure where or when their next episode will air.  It had been assumed that Scrubs' seventh season, which started airing in the Fall, would be the show's last.  When the WGA writers' strike hit Hollywood, things got a little shaky.  NBC began waffling on whether or not they would allow Scrubs to finish up production on their final season.  Even if NBC allowed it, there was no guarantee it would ever air on the Peacock.  That's no way to treat a show that's been on the air for 7 years – at least let them have their finale. Once the writers' strike ended, in walked ABC.  It's being reported that ABC, NBC, ABC Studios and Scrubs are in serious negotiations that would allow ABC to place an additional 18-episode order for an eighth Scrubs season, to begin airing next Fall on ABC.  With Scrubs going back into production today, it looks as if the deal has, or soon will, go through. 

Man, this stuff is confusing.  Right now, NBC has five remaining new, pre-strike Scrubs episodes in the can, ready for air at any time.  There were questions about whether NBC would ever air these episodes.  The episode Scrubs is filming right now is apparently for the end of this season (or, at the very least, the season 7 DVD).  But, The Hollywood Reporter is saying that contracts for an eighth season are complete for pretty much every cast member, including star Zach Braff

ABC has been interested in bringing Scrubs over to their network for quite some time.  It looks like it's finally going to happen.  There have been some rumblings that ABC wants to pair Scrubs with their Samantha Who? beginning next season.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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