'Scrubs' in Limbo Due to WGA Walkout
'Scrubs' in Limbo Due to WGA Walkout
Scrubs may be in limbo.  At least, one-third of its final season is.  On its swan song year, Scrubs appears to find itself among the shows at the mercy of the writers guild walkout.

With six more episodes still unaccounted for in this, Scrubs' ultimate season, the often overlooked and underrated medical comedy once again faces another obstacle in its already colorful and dramatic seven-year history.

"On a personal level, yeah, it would be nice to finish work on Scrubs the way I wanted to," Bill Lawrence, creator-executive producer, said.  "That it looks like it's not happening is certainly disappointing.  But it's also not the end of the world.  The last thing anybody wants to hear right now is some idiot saying, 'Hey, I worked really hard on my show, I want to end it the way I want to end it!'  It's hard to care right now about any legacy."

Lawrence revealed that thus far, there are a couple of scripts already penned and ready for filming.  By his estimate, those should be able to carry Scrubs through to its 12th episode, six short of his intended denouement for the series.  Despite the obvious shortage, Lawrence admits that a proper farewell isn't exactly high on his list of priorities right now.

"What I care about more than anything right now is getting this thing settled so it's either a short strike or no strike," Lawrence said last Friday.  "Right now, I fear that a lot of the writers have no real clue just how tough this is going to be.  I'd imagine things will get very grim sometime after Christmas."

The Scrubs showrunner is especially concerned about the fate of his personnel, should this contractual impasse drag on.

"This is such a bigger deal for the guys who work below the line and largely live hand-to-mouth and the younger writers who can't go without a paycheck for very long,” Lawrence pointed out.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
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