'Scrubs' in Danger of Fading without Closure
'Scrubs' in Danger of Fading without Closure
With the writers' strike still going full steam ahead at four weeks, shows are being divided between those who are benefiting and those who are suffering from the impasse.  Sadly, Scrubs, which is on its last year, is among those who are getting the raw end of the deal from the ongoing writers' walkout.

Scrubs, like other shows currently on their final season, faces the very real possibility of not having the chance to provide closure via a sound and satisfactory ending.

Creator Bill Lawrence has promised that hook or by crook, he will churn out an appropriate farewell episode.  With no clear resolution to the stalemate between the Writers' Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers up ahead though, it seems less and less likely that Lawrence will be able to make good on his promise.

In other news, Scrubs star, Zach Braff, is one actor who can't say enough about the Independent Spirit Awards.  Himself a recipient of the Best First Feature accolade for his direction of Garden State, Braff considers the citation a tremendous feat.

"Television, media and press coverage exposes everyone to films they've never heard of, so something like this really gets the word out," Braff said.  "It's an incredible honour.  This community has been very welcoming.  For being known for being on a television show, I was concerned that it would be hard for me to be accepted by this community.  It wasn't the case at all.  They were so warm and welcoming and honoured me with the highest honour I could get.”

Scrubs' lead actor joined Friends' Lisa Kudrow in announcing the nominees for the 2008 awards in West Hollywood.  Among the big names who have gotten the nod are Academy Award winners for Best Supporting Actress, Cate Blanchett and Angelina Jolie.

Speaking of the Academy Awards, while Braff acknowledges that it remains the ultimate prize for actors, he stresses that the Independent Spirit elevates something altogether different.

"Obviously everyone wants to win an Academy Award - it's the thing you dream about when you're a little kid,” Braff remarked.  “But the Independent Spirit awards is a celebration of being able to do it independently, to pull it up on your own, as I did, and there's something so powerful about that.  Not only did you do it, but this group of people you looked up to your whole life is honouring you."

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: ET Canada, The Press Association
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