Scrubs: Episode 7.2 "My Hard Labor" Recap
Scrubs:  Episode 7.2 "My Hard Labor" Recap
This week in Scrubs, J.D. finally gets to join the baby clan with the other characters of the series, as his son, Sam is born. As J.D. prepares to enter the world of parenthood, we explore the other characters' relationships with their kids, as we see Dr. Cox, Turk, Carla and even Dr. Kelso all deal with their parental issues in their own ways. We also witness the apparent fate of the J.D./Kim relationship.

Back at home, J.D. greets his pregnant girlfriend at home. He comments how every day Kim wonders why he always makes a point to tell the baby that he loves him, but not the woman that is carrying him. It turns out J.D. has come to terms with the fact that he is not in love with Kim. But, since statistics have shown that kids that come from parents that stay together end up doing better, he decides the best thing to do is to stay with Kim, hoping one day he will learn to love her. After explaining all of this to his best friend, Turk asks if some exercise will make the depressed J.D. feel better. J.D. feels that it will.

As it turns out, "exercise" refers to Turk's brand new first-person shooter game, which he needs a partner to play with. While they play, Carla comes home and asks Turk how their daughter is doing. After saying that she's fine, Carla reveals that her question was just a test since she had their baby with her the entire time. Infuriated, she turns off the game and demands that he get the console out of their home so he won't be distracted from taking care of their baby. Carla gives the console to J.D. but before Turk can contest, they are interrupted with news that Kim is in labor and J.D. is about to be a father.

Back at the Cox household, Cox is concerned about their youngest baby's rash and wants to take the child to the hospital for a shot. When Jordan asks why Dr. Cox doesn't just give the shot himself, he states that he doesn't want the child growing up in fear of him. He sets off to the hospital to find another doctor to do it for him.

Back at the hospital, Turk calls Carla, telling her that he needs to stay at the hospital in order to be supportive of J.D. After she agrees, he reveals that he is really only staying at the hospital so he can finish his video game before giving it away. He asks the staff for a volunteer and the Janitor agrees to help him win the game. They set up in the break room and play away.

Back in the hospital room, J.D. supports his girlfriend. She comments on how connected she's felt to him lately. As she begins to tell J.D. that she's falling in love with him, he quickly interrupts saying that he knows what she is going to say but that he is not ready to say it yet. She says that she doesn't care and tells him that she loves him. With a nervous smile, he replies "Cool."

Meanwhile, Cox is wandering around the hospital trying to find a doctor to give his baby a shot. Squeaky-voice intern, who is probably the best new addition of the season, offers and, after some convincing, he agrees. When he sees them nervously prepare to give the shot, he gets nervous and backs out.

Back in the hospital room, Kim asks J.D. if he could ever be in love with her. Stumbling over his words he states that even though he thinks she is "amazing" he hopes that he might be able to love her some day. Upset, she asks if he would be with her if they weren't having a baby together. When J.D. says that he doesn't know how to answer she says that he just gave an answer and ends it. As her labor gets more intense she kicks him out of the room, calling Elliot for support.

Meanwhile in the break room, Carla walks in only to discover that Turk has lied again and is continuing to play his video game. When she states that she couldn't be any madder he comments that she will be soon because he's not leaving until he wins the game. He and the janitor keep on playing as Carla watches, shocked. Cox then enters asking for someone to give his baby a shot. Carla can't because she's shaking too much from anger and Kelso, who is also in the room, can't because he's drunk since he's living at the hospital after being kicked out by his wife.

After Cox leaves, Carla makes a passing comment about Janitor's gaming skills. He gets mad and leaves, but just as Turk is about to lose hope he looks over to find Carla eagerly playing the game. It turns out that she only wanted the game out of there because she was finding it too addicting. The couple decide to finish the game together so they can get rid of it once and for all.

With no one else to turn to, Cox approaches J.D. in the hall. J.D. agrees to help with the shot if Cox will listen to him talk about his problems. Reluctantly, Cox agrees and J.D. goes on about his relationship with Kim. After hearing J.D.'s earlier statistic about kids from married parents, Cox stops him, stating that he can't go by statistics and that he needs to treat every situation individually. He goes on further, stating that J.D. came from divorced parents and that he turned out okay.

With his new motivation, J.D. marches back into Kim's room and demands to be present for his son's birth, even though she doesn't want him there. After standing by her side for the whole thing, the baby is born and the two are happy. Kim states that even though this is the end of their relationship, she feels like it is a sort ofbeginning. J.D. welcomes Sam to the world.

So in the first episode of the season they got rid of Elliot's significant other and in the second they got rid of J.D.'s. Still, even though the drama portion of the show may be a tad predictable, the comedy has been a definite improvement over last season. Turk's chemistry with virtually every cast member is spot on and Colin Hay's guest appearance was also quality. But regarding J.D. and Elliot, it's less of a question of whether the two will end up together but when.

-George Freitag, Buddy TV Staff Columnist

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