Scrubs: A Trip Down The Season 8 Memory Lane
Scrubs: A Trip Down The Season 8 Memory Lane
There are hardly any words for how J.D. (Zach Braff) left Sacred Heart Hospital, unless you suddenly have the urge to blurt out "Eagle!" as a tribute.  Anyway, Scrubs' eighth season gave us a number of great scenes that will forever stand out in the show's history.  From the emergence of new characters to reliving past relationships, Bill Lawrence's brainchild is something no one will ever forget (assuming you've heard about it). 

Below, we've listed some of the remarkable moments of closure of the 8th season of ABC's Scrubs.

The New Interns: They may not be as good as the ones we've watched grow for seven seasons, but they'll do fine.  Every one of them is quirky and unique, from the know-it-all Katie (Betsy Beutler) to the lazy Ed (Aziz Ansari) and the snarky Howie (Todd Bosley).  There's also the sunny Sunny (Sonal Shah) in contrast to the ruthlessly cold Denise (Eliza Coupe), who JD calls Jo from The Facts of Life.  Throughout the season, we find out more about their personalities as they are trained by the professionals at Sacred Heart.

The Chief of Medicine: While the seemingly heartless Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins) quit the job last season, a new Chief of Medicine entered the picture.  Dr. Taylor Maddox (guest star Courteney Cox) took on the position, appearing to be the complete opposite of her predecessor.  However, her hatred of spiders and infectious smile didn't fool Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) one bit.  He knew that she was just another money-hungry demon, causing him to enlist the help of Kelso to fire her.  Eventually, Dr. Cox lands the Chief of Medicine job due to the surprising recommendation of Kelso, who has in turn become a regular guy hanging out at the hospital coffee shop.  Cox soon finds himself in a tough position, trying his best to balance out his responsibilities.

The Chief of Surgery: After facing several trust issues with Dr. Cox, Turk (Donald Faison) applies for the Chief of Surgery position on "My Cuz."  Carla (Judy Reyes) convinces the two of them that her husband is perfect for the job, and an initially hesitant Dr. Cox soon appoints and congratulates Turk on making it.

Ted and The Gooch: Finally, a love interest for our sad, little lawyer.  Ted (Sam Lloyd) meets another singer named Stephanie Gooch on "My Lawyer's in Love."  When he tries to talk to her, he breaks down and runs into a wall.  He even asks the Janitor (Neil Flynn) and J.D. for help, and the two call a truce to give Ted advice on how to talk to women.  He can't communicate without his band, but he eventually gathers his guts.  Later on, he and Gooch start dating.

Lady and The Janitor: On "My Jerks," we find out that the Janitor has a girlfriend named Lady (Kit Pongetti).  The odd couple underwent some crazy times, since he lied to her about his peculiar behavior.  Soon, she accepts him for who he is and they get married in the Bahamas.  While it was supposedly a ploy to get gifts, the couple is shocked to find out everyone in the hospital flew over for their wedding.

Carla's Second Bundle of Joy: Carla tells Turk that she's pregnant again on the episode "My Absence."  Hardly anyone is excited about it, except for him and Elliot.  Turk then tells Gooch it's their first baby, so she makes up a song to celebrate.  Later, she gets mad upon finding out the truth and Turk apologizes.

J.D. and Elliot's Relationship: After realizing that she doesn't want to marry Keith, Elliot (Sarah Chalke) is once again drawn towards J.D.  The two reflect on their past on "My Happy Place" when Kelso gives them advice unexpectedly, leading them to give their relationship another try.  Things get more serious between them, and it looks like their ready to take it to a new level.  On "My Soul on Fire, Part 2," he proved his love for her by saying "Elliot, I love you more than Turk."

J.D. and Junior: J.D. isn't too comfortable being a part-time father, especially when his son Sam cries when he holds him.  The mother of his child, Kim (Elizabeth Banks), then suggests that babies aren't used to new smells.  J.D. realizes it's his cologne that's bothering the baby and gets rid of it, allowing father and son to bond.  This leads to J.D.'s decision to move closer to Sam and Kim, which is reaffirmed when he gets a new job near their area.

Season 8 of Scrubs was classic, hauling in the lighthearted comedy and subtle drama that the show is known for.  Now that it's wrapped up and J.D. has departed from Sacred Heart, does anyone think season 9 will pale in comparison?

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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