Nurse Roberts to Return to Scrubs?
Nurse Roberts to Return to Scrubs?
Fans were shocked and surprised when Scrubs favorite Nurse Laverne Roberts was killed off last season.  Laverne was a fan favorite and part of the ensemble of recurring characters.  None the less the decision was made that Laverne would pass on in one of Scrubs famously dramatic twists.  Part of the decision, apparently, was because the creator Bill Lawrence didn’t think the show would be returning for a seventh season, so just in case it did he made the actress who plays Laverne, Aloma Wright, a deal with classic comedy twists of its own.

The deal was that if by some miracle Scrubs returned, he would allow Wright to return and play the part of Laverne’s twin sister, Shirley; an obvious homage to the classic Happy Days spin-off “Laverne & Shirley” from the 70’s.  Wright will be donning a wig, but other than that her character will pretty much resume its presence, just with a different moniker.

"It's going to be fun developing another character after doing the same one for six years," Wright told Variety. "I'm glad to know he's a man of his word and I've still got a job."

According to the report, when Lawrence was plotting the final season with the certainty that it would be the last, he looked for opportunities to take the serious in some unexpected directions.  Killing off a regular was one of them.  While the practice of killing main characters has become the twist Du Jour in televised drama, it played starkly in the world of Scrubs.

When Wright first learned it was her character, Laverne, that would be getting the axe, she was surprised. "Needless to say, I was a little shocked, I felt abused."

No word yet on when Shirley will be introduced on the show, but the revelation should make for an interestingly comic moment in the long running comedy.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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