Neil Flynn Wouldn't Mind Returning to 'Scrubs'
Neil Flynn Wouldn't Mind Returning to 'Scrubs'
So the new version of Scrubs doesn't seem to be going well with critics and long-time fans of the show.  But would it help if they brought back one major force from the old cast of the show?  Yep, we're talking about Neil Flynn.

The Janitor has always been a remarkable presence on the eight beloved seasons of Scrubs.  His exit from the show's ninth season was already perfect in itself, but it wouldn't hurt if we saw him once again, would it?

On an interview with Movieline, the 49-year-old actor who gained fame on Scrubs and The Middle discussed why exactly he left the ABC comedy and the hopes of coming back.  We really would enjoy hearing about possibilities for his return, even though the Janitor may be a bit out of place in Winston University.

Neil Flynn was usually comfortable with his role on Scrubs, especially since he had plenty of input when it came to his lines.  Most of his script was improvised, and series creator Bill Lawrence didn't limit the actor's own comic style.

"Knowing that the scene was open-ended and being on the show as long as we had, they knew that we'd be able to come up with something on the set," he told the publication.  "Especially scenes I had with Zach Braff.  Very early on, we were comfortable altering the dialogue a little bit.  Bill Lawrence, the creator, was all for it.  He joked that if it was funnier, he'd get the credit."

As for his departure from the show,  Neil Flynn had this to say: "Well, they would have had everyone back if everyone was available.  We aired a series finale so the show was done.  No one was under contract or anything and so a few of us headed out and tried to get our next jobs."

Moving on from Scrubs to The Middle wasn't too hard for the actor, but he still recalls all the good times he had on the Sacred Heart set.  That made it easy for him to agree on coming back for more.

"It just so happened that I got a different job so they asked me to do the first episode of Scrubs [this season] to explain why my character would no longer be there," Flynn explained.  "But they tell me that they're keeping a spot open for me should I ever feel like coming back and I'd love to."

Could the Janitor actually make another appearance on Scrubs [Med School] and make things tough for Lucy?  She may be not the J.D. we're used to, but we're thinking she needs a bit more advice from Dr. Jan Itor.

Source: Movieline
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