Former Guest Stars Ready to Don 'Scrubs' Again
Former Guest Stars Ready to Don 'Scrubs' Again

As the season finale of Scrubs gets closer and closer (only a few hours left!), the anticipation is getting higher.  It's like a disease - you want it to end but you can't help but stick around and watch.  Whatever you may be feeling as the series wraps up (or not), there's one more thing to be really excited about.  Reports have it that the hospital comedy will be bringing about 50 guest stars back on the show this Wednesday.

ABC has released a list of actors who will be present on Dr. John Dorian's last day, including Colin Hay as himself, Amy Smart as Jamie, Nicole Sullivan as Jill Tracy and Phil Lewis as the crazy Hooch.  J.D.'s brother Dan (Tom Cavanaugh) will also be there, in addition to the rest of the hospital staff composed of  Nurse Roberts (Aloma Wright), Todd (Robert Maschio), Ted (Sam Lloyd), Keith (Travis Schuldt), and the rest of the interns.

Other guest stars that ABC listed are Christa Miller as Jordan, Michael McDonald as Mr. Cropper, Taran Killam as Jimmy, Michael Learned as Mrs. Wilks, Josh Cooke as Van, Suanne Spoke as the woman, Judy Jean Berns as Mrs. Stonewater, Deonte Gordon as the orderly, Aseem Batra as Josephine, Bellamy Young as Dr. Miller, Christina Miles as Gloria, Meredith Roberts as Kathy, Jill Tracy as Elaine, Katie O'Rourke as the coffee nurse, Kit Pongetti as Lady, and Lindsay Ravage as Slagathor.

Continuing the guest list are Stephanie D'Abruzzo as Patti, Kate Micucci as Stephanie, Aaron Ikeda as Rex, Charles Rahi Chun as Dr. Wen, Shaughn Buchholz as Cabbage, Jay Kenneth Johnson as Dr. Matthews, Joe Rose as Troy, Martin Klebba as Randall, Matt Winston as Dr. Steadman, Paul F. Perry as Randall, Michael Hobert as Lonnie, Mike Schwartz as Lloyd, Philip McNiven as Roy, Tyler Poelle as Boon, Robert Beckwith as Roy, Robert Clendenin as Dr. Zeltzer, George Miserlis as Crispin, Randall Winston as Leonard, Frank Cameron as Dr. Mickhead, Geoff Stevenson as Dr. Beardface, Manley Henry as Snoop Dawg attending and Katheryn Joosten as Mrs. Tanner.

On "My Finale," J.D. is getting ready to say goodbye to Sacred Heart Hospital.  He wants to move closer to his son and Kim, but has to leave behind the life he's grown used to.  Still, he wants his final day in the hospital to be special.  This means the hug he's been coveting from Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) and even learning the Janitor's real name.

Also on the episode, Elliot (Sarah Chalke) pushes J.D. to take their relationship more seriously.  She moves some of her house's furnishings to his apartment, much to his surprise.

Don't miss the array of guests on the season finale of Scrubs tomorrow night at 8pm.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: ABC, The Daily News
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