Creator Bill Lawrence Opens Up His 'Scrubs'
Creator Bill Lawrence Opens Up His 'Scrubs'
Scrubs is off to a good start on ABC, and one of the best ways to celebrate its early success is to hear from the series creator himself.  Bill Lawrence was recently interviewed by Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello.  In addition to that, he took time to answer questions from the fans, together with actor Zach Braff.  Candid as he is, Lawrence might have revealed a few possible spoilers here and there, but things just go unexpected on Scrubs that it's hard to tell.

For the most part, Bill Lawrence discussed the changes that the series is undergoing.  A lot of viewers noted the dramatic shift in the first two episodes of season 8.  Lawrence maintains that they were building up the tension for the finale.

“I thought we got a little silly,” he began.  “In order for the finale to actually mean anything, the show has to be borderline real for people to give a s--t.  We were dangerously venturing into an area where everyone was so fake no one would have given a s--t when it ended.” 

With Scrubs closing stages underway, Lawrence says that it's the characters that need to be summed-up.  “My plan has always been to give every character resolve, and not make it too treacly.  I think everyone will be happy.  We just finished cutting the finale and we showed it over at ABC and they all dug it.” 

“It's about J.D.'s exit from the hospital and whether you can hold on to the relationships of your youth, or whether some of them fall by the wayside,” Lawrence explained.  “It's a little bittersweet, but I don't think it will bum anybody out.” 

As for the show's future and his departure from it (along with Zach Braff), Lawrence had this to say: “My original preference was that when I left it would end.  But one of the things we've really been talking about around here is, A, that's all about my ego and who gives a s--t, and, B, apparently there's something going on with the economy right now.” 

“There are 122 people who work here and there are essentially only six live-action comedies on TV.  One of the main reasons that I'm going to embrace this decision either way is that there's no work out there.  If we can keep this show going another year then all those people get to have jobs.  It's a bleak time.”

Below, you can find the part 1 of the hilarious (and animal-friendly) video wherein Zach Braff and Bill Lawrence reply to fans' questions about season 8 of Scrubs.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: ABC, Entertainment Weekly
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