Ausiello Gets a Scoop on 'Scrubs,' Actress Tending to Other TV Endeavors
Ausiello Gets a Scoop on 'Scrubs,' Actress Tending to Other TV Endeavors
While Scrubs has been surrounded by a lot of sad news about the stars departing from the television series despite its endurance to air another season, fans are still hopeful that the show will come back even stronger with season 8 moving to ABC.  This spawns from creator Bill Lawrence’s statement that he definitely wants the show to go on forever, or at least until its ninth season.  However, fans are pondering how he would pull this off with stars Zack Braff and Judy Reyes announcing their departure from the show.

Meanwhile, Michael Ausiello of EW gave us a little tidbit about his conversation with Bill Lawrence, reporting that “there's 'at best a 50/50 chance' of the show going on beyond this season.”  Ausiello also quotes Lawrence saying, “I see it as ending for Zach, and I see it as ending for me” and that the particular season 8 episode they are producing is “definitely written as a series finale.”

Meanwhile, Judy Reyes, who plays Carla Espinosa on Scrubs, recently appeared on another television endeavor.  Last month, she was on the Lifetime telepic, Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story, in which she appeared alongside Ugly Betty’s Ana Ortiz. Reyes played Luz Cuevas in the film, a mother of two and wife to a loving husband, played by Hector Luis Bustamante.  Luz’s life is turned upside down when her infant daughter is presumed to be a victim of a fire that broke out in their home.  Luz then deals with the hope that her daughter is still alive, as she wasn’t found after the fire.  She also suspects that her cousin, Valerie (Ana Ortiz) took the baby and started the fire to cover up her tracks.

The Lifetime film is a touching story about a little girl who grows up realizing that the mother who took care of her isn’t really her biological parent, while dealing with the fact that she has yet to discover her identity.  The film is directed by Paul A. Kaufman and written by Christopher Canaan and Maria Nation.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: EW, Hollywood Reporter
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