[Videos] 'Scandal' Season 2 Finale Preview: A Twist Bigger Than The Mole
[Videos] 'Scandal' Season 2 Finale Preview: A Twist Bigger Than The Mole
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Season 2 finale of Scandal, titled "White Hat's Back On," might have the most-talked about ending of any show this season. It's a tall task given that I haven't yet watched it, of course, but that's how the previews are hyping it.

So what's going to happen in the finale? Let's try and find out.

Last we saw everyone, Billy Chambers was outed as the Mole, with David Rosen as his trusted sidekick, which I still can't get over. Chambers -- fine, it's not really a surprise. Him being the Mole makes sense given that he worked in the White House, is already evil and will murder people who get in the way. 

But David Rosen? Is it too much to ask that one person on this show is good? One person with ethics? You could argue David Rosen is both good and ethical and is just seeking justice for being wronged. But the way he slithered into Olivia's inner circle, just to get close before stabbing everyone in the back -- that's a snake.

But forget those two because there might be something even bigger brewing. Tony Goldwyn, who plays Fitz, told the Los Angeles Times that "as shocking as the Billy Chambers reveal was, there's an even bigger shocking reveal in the finale ... It's so far beyond who is the Mole."

While I can't even begin to guess what he means by that, I do know this: Expect the unexpected.

Check out an extended clip from the finale:

What we can gather from the clip:

  • Mr. Impatient doesn't want to wait another term for he and Olivia to be together. They're going to be together now.
  • Fitz's master plan: Run for re-election, run, get married, move Olivia into the White House. I mean, I want them to be together as much as the next person, but this dream is like me telling myself at 9 years old that I'm going to marry one of the Backstreet Boys. The fact that he says it so matter of fact, makes it even worse. This is why he's a character on television and not an actual person running a country.
  • Since Mellie is the problem, Fitz tells Olivia to fix it.

Here's the overall preview video:

  • It looks like Cyrus has a heart attack outside. This is big, since he's Fitz's right-hand guy, despite their recent troubles. I wonder if Cyrus being out (I highly doubt they will kill him off, but he might need to step away from the job for a bit) might open the door for Olivia to return to the White House. Who else would be able to do Cyrus' job?
  • An intruder comes up from behind Olivia at what appears to be her home and covers her mouth. This could be misleading. I don't think she's being kidnapped or anything. I picture someone who had to sneak in her home to get her attention about something big -- or something like that. The only person I can guess is Jake in that scenario.
  • An unidentified woman comes into what looks like Olivia's home with a gun. The moment passed by so quickly that I backed up and hit pause. Yep, crazy assassin woman. Who are you and what do you want?

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10pm on ABC. 

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