[Video] 'Scandal' Sneak Peek: Olivia's Mom Spills on How She's Alive
[Video] 'Scandal' Sneak Peek: Olivia's Mom Spills on How She's Alive
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Mama Pope's alive! Olivia nearly had a heart attack on the street when her mother called out to her from the corner at the end of the last Scandal. On this weeks, "YOLO," Olivia has to decide what to do with her escaped mother. Huck to the rescue!

YOLO: You Only Live Once! Olivia is in a state of shock after seeing her mother again after all these years. After she brings her mother up to her apartment, Olivia calls Huck for help. And he freaks out and tells her to dump her phone and get to the safe house ASAP. She's not safe.

Check out this sneak peek of what happens after Olivia gets to the safe house and her associates show up. They definitely have questions about how Olivia's "dead" mother is still alive.

What does the clip tell us?

  • Harrison's pissed off about Olivia's mother "who's been dead for 22 years!" Why so angry? It's not like Jake resurrected her or anything.
  • Abby's upset that Huck and Jake have gone "spy-bro" on them and keeping secrets.
  • "You can't show up with Dead Mama Pope and expect us to fall in line. What the hell is going on? What did you do?" - Abby HA! Though, a little misguided, perhaps.
  • Olivia's a mess.
  • Abby goes after Mama Pope and demands to know the truth.
  • And what happened? Mama Pope found out what Rowan did for a living. She was going to blow the whistle to a reporter in London, then take Olivia and run. He found out and locked her up.
  • "I escaped." 
  • "No one escapes Command!" Uh oh! Was it all a ploy to get her out? Why would Rowan do that?
Is Mama Pope telling the truth? What do you think? And did Rowan allow her escape? Or did she play him?

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10 pm ET on ABC.

(Image and video courtesy of ABC)

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