[Video] 'Scandal' Season 3 Theories: Who is Rowan?
[Video] 'Scandal' Season 3 Theories: Who is Rowan?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Scandal teased viewers all last season with the Mysterious Man who Jake would periodically meet up and take orders from. In the season finale, we found out that Rowan is actually Olivia's father.

Knowing this fact has raised a lot more questions, and because of this, the show took to Twitter and Facebook to ask fans what their theories are on Rowan.

First, let's see what we know so far.

1. He's B613, a top-secret, off-the-books program funded by the CIA.

2. Jake was his right-hand spy.

3. He has connections to Charlie, Huck and Cyrus.

4. He knows about the president and Olivia's relations.

And the top theories from social media that have been floating around and how sound they are:

Theory A: He's not just Olivia's father but Harrison's too. 

That gets a little too daytime soap opera for me. And why do the two black characters have to be related to each other? They're not.

Theory B: Olivia's father left his family for B613, since with that organization you can't have family.

Judging by her reaction when she gets in his limo, Olivia definitely hasn't seen him in a long time. So either he disappeared or Olivia believed him to be dead. If he did leave Olivia, it would make sense as to why she's always picking men who aren't right for her, which she's acknowledged in the past.

Theory C: Huck is connected too because he hasn't been killed after leaving B613. Rowan wanted someone to keep an eye on Olivia without making the connection between him and his daughter.

This is highly plausible since that would be an explanation as to how Huck is living since there's no possible way for him to have an outside life. 

Theory D: Rowan is tied to Fitz's military past. Something is there that Fitz doesn't want people to know.

Likely. The show has sprinkled bits and pieces about Fitz's time with the military, and I don't think it'd be there just as filler. This show is very deliberate and every little thing that's said or done seems to be of importance or connected in some way. Perhaps Rowan was Fitz's commander and some big thing happened.

Theory E: Rowan is actually a double agent. In B613 he's being controlled by someone else. He and Olivia will join forces to bring the organization down.

This might be possible, although I'm leaning more toward no than yes. However, this theory brings up another thought -- that Rowan isn't the super evil guy that the show wants you to believe thus far. The lines of good and bad seem to always be blurred in Scandal, and I think the same applies to Rowan. 

Theory F: Rowan is not actually Olivia's dad but just a code name for him. 

This doesn't make much sense because I can't think of a logical explanation as to why this could be. Who calls someone else Dad when it's not really him?

What do you think? Who is Rowan? Share your theories in the comments below!

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