'Scandal' Spoilers: 'Homeland' Actress Books Arc, Cyrus is 'Scrambling' and More
'Scandal' Spoilers: 'Homeland' Actress Books Arc, Cyrus is 'Scrambling' and More
Margaret McGriff
Margaret McGriff
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The countdown to the Spring season premiere of Scandal is officially on and as we all cope without Pope, major news is happening in this part of Shonda Land. A familiar face from Showtime's Homeland will be joining the season 3 crew, Fitz's eldest kids will be stirring up the drama pot, and Cyrus will be busy trying to salvage his life. The show will also be getting the comedic treatment on another ABC show.

Homeland Actress Lands Major Role

Nazanin Boniadi, who played Fara Sherazi on the hit Showtime show, will be making an appearances this season. Though she will be a new face Scandal, this isn't her first time working with the show's creator Shonda Rhimes, making a guest appearance on Grey's Anatomy. While the details on her character isn't known, she will be making regular appearances, according to Hollywood Reporter. Whoever she plays, she will be a major character in the show's story line.

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Fitz's Two Older Children Come Home with Drama

We all know he and Mellie have two other kids but for the past two seasons, Jerry and Karen have been an afterthought. Now they'll be added to the Mellie and Fitz craziness as they return to the White House from boarding school. According to TV Line, their homecoming "really escalates things", with drama that only teenagers of their status can bring.

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Cyrus is Running Scared

With his marriage hanging by a thread and Sally no longer in his back pocket, our favorite White House monster is in full panic mode. Jeff Perry explains it best to TV Line: "Cyrus is more scared of what he's done than we've ever seen him, and he's scrambling like hell to get out of it." He also alludes to spending some serious time with Columbus Short aka Harrison. Will Cyrus need to turn to one of Olivia's gladiators for help? We can only speculate!

A Scandal Parody on Trophy Wife

ABC's new comedy sitcom will have a Scandal type of situation on their hands in an upcoming episode in April. After Diane has a major fail, she makes her self feel better by binging out on past Scandal episodes. Executive producer and co-creator Emily Halpern tells TV Guide that this character 'channels her inner Olivia Pope' and is on a mission to take down the 'conspiracy in the PTA.'

Scandal returns Thursday, February 27 at 10pm on ABC.

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