'Scandal' Recap: The Sexting Senator
'Scandal' Recap: The Sexting Senator
Kelly Schremph
Kelly Schremph
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Ever since Season 2's premiere, Scandal has mostly been circling around the whole mistress storyline as well as a backstory behind Olivia and Daddy Pope. But in this week's episode, "Say Hello to My Little Friend," it's all about going back to the basics as Pope & Associates take on a rather sinister new client -- emphasis on the word "sin." He's a sexting senator, which not only sounds like a great title idea for Anthony Weiner's biopic, but it also means Liv & Co. have their work cut out for them since one of his latest sext partners is now dead. Could he be the culprit?

Meanwhile, Lisa Kudrow stops in to ruffle a few feathers (Mellie's in particular), which finds the First Lady in a little scandal of her own. (Women, amirite?) Plus, we also get a few more hints on the whole Operation Remington situation. Let's dig in!

Caught With Your Pants Down

Olivia wants Jake to stop staying at her apartment and to go back to his old place. Her father is in control of everything and she just wants to go back to being in the dark about all the big, bad things B613 has brought into her life. Huck is back to killing just so her dad could prove a point that he's calling the shots, so Liv figures the best thing for everyone is to just pretend none of it exists...unfortunately, this includes Jake. He tries to give her a kiss goodbye (possibly for good), but she turns away at the last second. The guy's been living in a hole for months, woman! Show the man some love.

But Olivia's got something even more important on her plate than love interests -- an actual client! Harrison calls all the Gladiators to inform them that their bills are going to be able to get paid now (woot, woot!). So who is this client? A sexting senator, of course! (Or as Abby calls him, "a perving, sexting, pervy-perv). A young girl whom the senator was having inappropriate phone relations with has recently been murdered, making him the prime suspect. He promises Liv that he's innocent and it was just the one girl that one time. With his wife standing by his side as his alibi (oh hey, Jan from The Office!), Liv thinks the case should be a pretty simple one to win.

However, when other sexting partners come into the picture, thanks to David Rosen's excellent lawyering skills, things are starting to look a bit bleak. Liv decides to turn the tables by uncovering that the victim herself had multiple sugar daddies, thus making her much less likeable to the jury while also proving that there are several other possible culprits out there. Poor David just can't catch a break when Olivia is involved.

Taming Your Cobra

The best line of the night goes to Lisa Kudrow, who began her guest-starring appearance as Democratic congresswoman Josephine Marcus. During a round table discussion, she tells America that she believes it's time for the President to "tame his cobra and keep the lid on the basket," so to speak. But while Fitz and Cyrus shrug it off as a weak attempt to gain leverage in the polls, Mellie takes it a little too much to heart. And thanks to someone forgetting to turn off their microphone during a First Lady press briefing, the public overhears Mellie verbally bash Josephine, calling her a "fried twinkie." This ironically lands Mellie in her very own scandalous affair (though not the one we're normally used to seeing).

Josephine's popularity skyrockets, which leads to Cyrus blowing a gasket since she could become the President's top competitor in the votes. (Careful Cy, we don't want you having another heart attack!) Mellie agrees to apologize, but Josephine's act of forgiveness just makes her look all the more likable. So Cyrus has one of his minions - Ethan, I believe - do some digging in Josephine's hometown, trying to find anything to tarnish her rising image. And it works! It's discovered that the congresswoman had a baby when she was 15, but chose to give it away. Cyrus can easily turn that into a case of abandonment. But something tells me they're not going to be able to shake Phoebe Buffay Josephine Marcus quite so easily.

Murder Mystery Unveiled

Back at Pope & Associates, another girl has come forward about sexting with the senator except this time it's been going on during the actual trail, totally discrediting the "reformed" image they were trying to give him. The senator apologizes to his wife, Shelley, saying he has a sickness, but she storms out and goes completely MIA, meaning Liv just lost her star witness that could vouch he was home during the time the girl was murdered.

In the end, Liv is able to track her down and convince her to testify, reminding her that divorce is a better revenge action to take than letting an innocent man go to jail. Shelley says she doesn't want to lie on the stand and say her husband is a good guy, but Liv says she doesn't have to. In court, Shelley confirms that her husband was home when the girl was murdered, but when David Rosen asks if she loves her husband she admits that she doesn't...not after what he's done. In fact, she wants him to be put in jail. But you don't go to prison for being a cheating, lying bastard - you go for murder and that's something her husband didn't do. It wins the court over and the jury rules "not guilty."

After talking with the senator one last time though, Olivia discovers that Shelley was out shopping during the time of the murder and lied on the stand not for her husband's sake...but for her own. She was the one who needed an alibi, not the other way around. Shelley was the poor girl's killer since she thought it was just the one girl and that she could fix it. Unfortunately, it's too little, too late since court's already out of session. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Dangerous Liaisons

Meanwhile, Huck is back to going to his AA meetings where he talks about his whiskey problems - which is basically just one big metaphor for killing people. Quinn goes to spy on him there, but Huck catches her and isn't happy. After pushing him all day to open up to her about it, he explodes at Baby Huck, telling her what we already know. She's not worried about him, she's interested in what he's doing. He sees a little bit of himself in her eyes and hates it. Huck warns her to stop while she still can.

In other news, Fitz reads in the paper about an old Navy friend's death, Peter Foster (you know, the guy who Huck had whiskey with killed). Upset over this news, Fitz decides to have him buried at Arlington, telling Foster's sister that he was an American hero. Cyrus catches wind of this and knows Rowan was behind the guy's death. He meets up with Rowan to discuss it as an eaves-dropping Jake listens in. He's not able to get much, but he brings the recording along with Foster's file to Olivia's office, requesting her help. She refuses, but Huck overhears and has a look at things himself. Together him and Jake convince Olivia to listen in to what they've discovered.

It deals with Operation Remington - the thing that apparently will never be fully explained. According to Foster's file, Fitz was, in fact, the operating pilot during the time of the mission; however, the tattoo found on Peter's body states that he was the pilot. Why would something like this be covered up? We don't know yet, but it probably is the main reason Rowan wanted Foster dead.

Liv is scared of what they could end up uncovering, but Jake assures her (as they sit at her place over a bottle of wine) that he's there for her and isn't going anywhere. They start making out, but get interrupted by a call from Fitz. (Way to kill the mood, buddy!) Foster's death has really taken a toll on him, but he can't let himself open up about it, not even to Olivia. When he hangs up, he steps out of the car and into Rowan's office. "This is a reunion. One that is long overdue." Looks like things are about to get really interesting. Now tell us about Remington, damnit!

Also, Abby and David are back to hooking up again. Those crazy kids!

So what did you think of tonight's episode of Scandal? Are you happy to see Abby and David together again? Did you predict that Shelley was the actual killer? What do you think Fitz's next move will be? Take our poll below and feel free to sound off on your thoughts and predictions in the comments below!

Scandal airs Thursday nights at 10pm on ABC.

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