'Scandal' Recap: Mole's Identity Revealed
'Scandal' Recap: Mole's Identity Revealed
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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"Any Questions?" is the title of the episode, and to that I say: Where should I start? With the season finale next week, I'm relieved the identity of the Mole is revealed, rather than having a cliffhanger in the finale with the person just about to be revealed or have the reveal and then immediately end it.

But before we get to that point, there's the whole Mellie drama to deal with, that's pushing Cyrus to his breaking point. And the Gladiators are working around the clock to figure out the Mole.

Cyrus Falls Apart

Cyrus is about to break because everything around him is crumbling. The media is hounding him for a response to the accusation that the president has a mistress. He has to force his way past the Secret Service to get inside Olivia's place and practically pull Fitz back to the White House by the ear. 

He even gets a visit from Mysterious Man, who basically orders Cyrus to expose the video of Olivia and Jake together and cut Fitz lose for the "republic." Oh, and Charlie's been killed, he's told by the Mysterious Man.

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When Cyrus does let out his steam, unfortunately he takes it out on James. I hated Cyrus in this moment as he insulted his husband in every way imaginable, attacking his job and him as a person for being naive and believing that his interview with Mellie was just a lucky break. No, it was Mellie who got James hired and selected to have the exclusive with him. She used him to get to Cyrus and Fitz.

I don't see a future for the two of them. I like Cyrus when he's in job mode -- and even that is a stretch -- but that's it. James should move out with the baby and try to continue being at the White House and be a thorn in Cyrus' side.

Will Mellie Give Up Olivia?

At the Blair House where Mellie's been living, she hires her own fixer, a male version of Olivia who wants Mellie to give up the mistresses name. But she won't and doesn't. 

While I'd like to think that it's sweet of her that she holds Olivia's identity close to herself, she's only doing it to benefit her own self. If she gave up Olivia's name, then Fitz will shut her out completely, and there would be absolutely no chance for her to go back to the White House. By not revealing her husband's mistress, she can still hold onto the hope of being the perfect first lady.

With the gut feeling that Fitz is delivering a statement -- she gets a copy of his trashed statement, the one in his writing that reveals he will not be running for re-election. 

Hunting for the Mole

Meanwhile, Olivia's crew has not stopped working to uncover the Mole. They narrow it down to the vice president, but it turns out the Mole was using her log-in credentials to access secure files. The Mole practically falls into their lap, which is the one unfortunate thing.

Charlie's actually not dead. He comes to Olivia Pope & Associates wanting to be a client. He'll give up the Mole if he gets what Huck has -- his life. He wants the deal that Olivia got for Huck where he's living and not dead. 

When Olivia tells Quinn that there was no deal, I immediately thought that Huck could be the Mole because that's a fantastic question: How exactly is Huck alive and not living his life in fear? If he were the Mole that would be a prime reason why. 

But it's not because Charlie writes down the name of the Mole on a notepad rather than telling him. Why wouldn't he just tell him? Probably just to make us viewers suffer a little longer. Huck's about to kill off Charlie, but Quinn reminds him he should be a Gladiator instead of getting revenge. So they let him go.

And the Mole Is ...

The reveal of the Mole is woven with the president's statement to the press with Olivia there. He tells the press his marriage is a private matter and also announces his intent to run for a second term. 

Then Olivia receives a call from Harrison, who regrets to inform her that the Defiance card has been stolen from the safe, which means the Mole has it. Which means it's Charlie because he was the one there recently for who knows how long? And he's been let go? Ugh!

But who is the Mole?

It's Billy Chambers (what!) ... and the person who delivers the Defiance card is .... David Rosen (WHAT!) 

So David and Billy have been working together. It makes sense. Billy's pissed about everything that has happened to him. David wants justice/revenge for getting embarrassed for his Defiance lawsuit. So that's the reason why he's been hanging out with Olivia's crew. That jerk.

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