'Scandal' Season 2 Finale Recap: The Daddy of All Twists
'Scandal' Season 2 Finale Recap: The Daddy of All Twists
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Ever since Scandal debuted last season, it's done its part in throwing twists and turns every which way. With the season-long story line of the Mole revealed, it didn't seem to top that. Oh, but it was done -- twice -- in the Scandal season 2 finale "White Hat's Back On."

The Mole and his Accomplice

David Rosen has the Cytron card, but he's not giving it up to Billy Chambers that easily, which is smart. It's the only leverage that David has. Plus, he knows that Billy is a killer. It's probably best to not make a murderer mad. 

Actually, David doesn't even know if he wants to actually give up the card because he'll be turning against his friends. This fuel's Billy's fire, and he gives a rather stirring speech about how Olivia and Co. stole his life and stole justice. He also admits to the blood trail he left behind -- admitting to all the people he's killed this season, and yes, the CIA director as well.

What Billy wants is a bit unclear. We do know he went to Reston, Fitz's opponent when he ran for president, to tell him about Defiance. Reston then uses the info to coerce Fitz into making him his running mate when he runs for re-election. That Reston really has some lofty goals! If you find out the election -- in which you ran in -- had been rigged, your blackmail is being the vice president?

Down the Wrong Path

Olivia and gang put two and two together and believe Reston must be Billy's accomplice, since he was the one most screwed from Defiance. Meanwhile, the real culprit just sits there innocently right in front of them! But their suspicions are further confirmed when they get surveillance footage of Chambers leaving Reston's house.

They hatch a little plan where Olivia meets with Reston and asks for any sort of proof that he has about Defiance -- all the while acting really innocently about the whole election-rigging. All they have to do is wait for Reston to call Billy about the proof before tracking down where Billy lives, and that's where Quinn and Huck go to wait for him.


Just in 22 episodes of this season alone, we've seen Fitz, Mellie, Olivia and now Cyrus all wind up in a hospital bed. Cyrus' happens after his latest meeting with the Mysterious Man, who pretty much tells him that Cyrus will look after Fitz while he handles Olivia. Cyrus did put up somewhat of a fight that Olivia's his friend, but it doesn't look like he has much say in the matter. 

Then, he gets the call from Olivia that Reston is the Mole's accomplice, and then Cyrus realizes Reston's meeting with Fitz at that moment for what's eventually the blackmail that's proposed.

So you can see why this becomes all too much for him. I appreciated the unintentional humor that came out of this situation, where he's in the ambulance and talking to Olivia and Fitz, who don't initially know what's happened. Then when the paramedic won't stop trying to do his job, he asks the Secret Service guy to shoot the worker, and then says he'll shoot him himself.

Escaping Death

Jake is told by the Mysterious Man to bring in Olivia, which code for killer. Well, he won't, which sucks for him -- and he doesn't. When Olivia is alone at her place and someone's trying to break in, Jake comes out of absolutely nowhere to close a hand behind her mouth and does not hesitate one second to kill the assassin who comes through the door, intent on killing Olivia.

It happened so fast that it was quite surprising, but I guess that's how Jake rolls. Startled and horrified, Olivia is led back to her office, where Jake tells her to stay because that's where she's safe. He thinks. Then he tells her of his assignment -- that he was supposed to kill her -- but now has to run since not only did he not do the job, but he killed one of his people.

Later we see his fate: He's thrown into the same box that Huck had been in, and will be there until he too, eventually forgets what he was. Poor Jake.

Cyrus' Dirty Work

Cyrus then drops by Olivia's office. Yelling at enough doctors got him discharged. He tries to convince Olivia of breaking things off with Fitz, especially with her life in danger. But she refuses because she's in love, and then Cyrus gives her an earful of her life not being a romance novel and then drops a bomb on her -- that her beloved Fitz killed Verna. Not only that, but he admitted it.

Cyrus then forces Fitz to watch the sex tape of Olivia and Jake, and he's devastated too. But while Fitz can forgive Olivia for sleeping with another man, there's no way Olivia can look past murder. And like several other times in the past, it appears Olivia and Fitz are really truly done. Especially since Fitz goes to Mellie and gets on his knees for forgiveness.

Well, he tried. I give him props for that. Ultimately it was his own actions that forced him back to Mellie. I did enjoy his speech to her earlier -- well, the speech Olivia wrote -- about how they'll divorce and Mellie can't do anything about it because eventually, he'll be with Olivia, which will spark real talk about interracial relationships and Mellie doesn't want to be on the other side of that. While I hate when race is brought up as leverage, I have to admit it was brilliant.

David's Master Plan

It seems Huck has changed because he can't use the screwdriver on Billy -- but Quinn can. Like out of a horror movie, she demands to know where the Cytron card is as she's drilling him and blood splashes all over her face. Gross.

Now everyone knows it was David. But there's one problem: The Cytron card is empty. What happened?

Through a quick sequence, we see that during the nights that he spent in Olivia's office, he had started from the beginning and inputted every four-number combination to Olivia's safe until he finally one day came across the right one. Then, he created a fake one, which he gave over to Billy after getting his confession -- on tape. 

The confession he leaves for Olivia -- including a white cowboy hat that she puts on -- and the real card he takes right to Cyrus. All David wants is the job. The U.S. District Attorney job, which he gets after Fitz hails him a hero for nabbing the Mole.

Unresolved Ending

So David has his moment of redemption, and the White House is back to where it supposed to be, in Cyrus' eyes. Olivia's moving on -- so renewed that she's ready to go for a run. Except she's met with cameras and reporters demanding to know if she's the president's mistress!

She's shocked and caught off guard but is being led by two men into a limo -- where she comes face to face with the Mysterious Man.

One word says it all, the shocking ending, the cliffhanger, the one-word question that raises even more questions:


Holy crap -- didn't see that one coming at ALL. Her own father wants her dead? Yep. Her own father told the press she's the mistress? Probably. What's his story and their relationship? Close to non-existent, I'm assuming? Did Olivia get her dad not to kill off Huck after he found out he was alive? 

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