'Scandal' Recap: Nobody Comes Back From Wonderland
'Scandal' Recap: Nobody Comes Back From Wonderland
Sydney Boles
Sydney Boles
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Olivia has just learned that her mother is alive, and now Mama Pope wants to find her, too. Meanwhile on Scandal, Quinn follows Charlie further into the world of B613, and presidential hopeful Josie Marcus gets herself into trouble on the campaign trail.

Agent Quinn's in Trouble

Remember how the studly assassin Charlie manipulated Quinn into joining M613 with his sexy kisses and complicated flirting? Well, now that Quinn's past the point of no return, he drops the act. He tells her to go to work and cover her ass, and he'll pretend to be her boyfriend if that helps, and if that doesn't work he'll pull out every weapon M613 has to offer, but either way, she has to go to work. So Quinn heads on upstairs to Pope and Associates, where the team figures out that the only way to get to their lead, Omar Dresden, is to find whoever killed the security guard that time. The killer, of course, is Quinn. Awkward. 

In Which Cyrus Beene is Really Thick Sometimes

Cyrus and James are so wonderful together. I mean, I know Cyrus is a manipulative jerkface with no heart and James is far too forgiving and easily manipulated, but still, when those two kiss I just get so happy. Cyrus, though, isn't so innocent. He's using those morning kisses to manipulate is husband into getting hit on by the husband of Vice President Sally Langston. 

James is just excited to get an interview, and grateful that Cyrus is being so nice to him. Oh, James. You're so innocent. 

Stop! Thief! 

Congresswoman and presidential hopeful Josie Marcus has a problem. There's been a break-in at her campaign headquarters, and her computer has been stolen. On that computer: campaign strategies, speeches, everything. Josie's daughter/sister/advisor/protege knows just who it was: Restin, Josie's challenger in the Democratic primary. 

Olivia thinks they can spin the story in Josie's favor. If the press calls (which they do), Pope and Associates will refuse to comment (which they do). They'll leak, subtly, that it was Restin. And just to be safe, Abby Whelan will manipulate her boyfriend (yeah, they're back together) David Rosen to get the police system working for them as well. Are y'all sensing a theme here? Maybe some of these people should take a step back and think about the way they're treating their loved ones. 

Olivia, of course, is still having Fitz drama. She ignores the phone. She's not going to humor him, not after all that Rowan business. No sir. 

When the President Wants to See You...

Washington D.C. Lesson One: if the President wants to talk to you, he will find a way to talk to you. Olivia's little not-answering-the-phone trick isn't going to work. Soon enough, she's on a helicopter against her will, taken to a beautiful woodsy mansion. Fitz is there, with his "Dude, I have so many feelings and I don't know what do to with them so I'm just going to squeeze my eyebrows real tight" expression on. 

"You have one hour," Olivia tells him. She's super upset about this. Their house. Fitz had it built for them. It's beautiful. Fireplaces, orchards, everything. Olivia is furious with Fitz for dragging her across the Northeast against her will, and he's going on about how he built lots of bedrooms for their kids, and they would make jam. This was their life, and he wanted Olivia to see it before he sells it. Since, you know, they're over. Obviously. 

One hour turns into a glorious night of high-power Washington D.C. hooking up. It's slow and passionate, and they breathe on each other. A lot. In the morning, the pair get ready slowly. 

"Stay another day," Fitz says. 

That's not reasonable. Olivia has a campaign to fix, and Fitz has a world to run. But before she leaves, Olivia looks back at her friend-with-benefits and says, "Don't sell the house. Not yet." 

Oh girl! That's just... Lesson Two of Washington D.C.: Don't get back with your married President lover. You're only asking for trouble. 

Come On Now, Candace. Watergate? Really? 

David and Abby, who are adorable together and should definitely make it work, wake up all cozy in bed. But David has some news, and a suspicion: The stuff that was stolen from Josie Marcus' headquarters and turned up at Restin's? There was nothing on it. It was a plant. David, of course, suspects Pope and Associates, but Abby knows better. She calls up Harrison and tells him Candace planted the computer over at Restin's. 

Which is awkward, because Harrison is in a compromising position right next to Candace in bed. But there's no other explanation: To further her mother/sister's campaign, Candace committed some serious fraud. 

So Josie Marcus has a choice to make. The media will find out eventually. Will she expose Josie, fire her and abandon her after all these years? Or will she take the blame herself, and step out of the race?

Congresswoman Marcus decides to save Candace, and admits to the press that she faked the robbery and framed Governor Restin. She drops out of the race. 

Which means, incidentally, that Olivia Pope and her team of associate gladiators are free to represent another candidate in the elections. Hmm. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess it's gonna be Scandal's hunkiest politician, Fitzgerald Grant. 

Cyrus, You Brought It On Yourself, Dude

Sally Langston cannot run for president. And in order for that to happen, her husband Daniel Douglas has to stray. At least I think that's what this is about; it's gotten very convoluted. But Cyrus Beene is willing to offer his husband up as bait to Daniel's wandering hands during the interview Cyrus himself manipulatively set up. Just be casual, Cyrus advises James. Have a drink, wear this V-neck. Mellie contributes to the set-up by slipping the word to Daniel Douglas that Cyrus and James have an open relationship. Cyrus just has to plant the paparazzi at the window, and the trap is set. 

But everything backfires when Daniel tries to mack on James, and James freaks out, and Daniel says he wouldn't have done it if Mellie hadn't told him about the open relationship. Which is, of course, a big honking lie. 

James is devastated: his own husband set him up, used him as bait in a political game. So he goes on ahead and sleeps with Daniel Douglas. Cyrus' paparazzi gets him the pictures the next morning, just as James slinks home with his tail beneath his legs, admitting to nothing. 

You guys, this sucks! I love James and Cyrus! It's Cyrus' fault though. For a smart guy he can be really dumb sometimes. 

To Catch a Spy

So, Pope and Associates are really good at their jobs, am I right? They should probably take some time off. Pick up a hobby. But the fact that they're super good at their jobs means that Quinn is in serious trouble. She does manage to erase some of the footage of her killing that guard that time, but the gladiators still have a blurry reflection of her in the glass door of the lobby immediately post-murder. Not good, not good at all. 

But Quinn has picked up a surprising number of superspy skills, and she keeps everybody off her tracks, including Jake, who, let's be real, should know better. In fact, it's only Huck, good old loveable terrifying Huck, who finds out it was her who murdered the guard. He's going to talk to her about it. And he's brought his torture tools. It's official everybody: Quinn's screwed. Possibly literally. With a screw. 

Mrs. Pope: A Force to be Reckoned With

Rowan Pope can't let Olivia find out about her mother. He tells Mama Pope that Olivia has been asking about her, and because of that, he has to move her to somewhere far away, abroad, a dismal prison cell much like this one where no one will ever find her. Mrs. Pope, though, won't take that lying down. Once her husband leaves, she begins to chew through her wrist. A normal person would have passed out after a few chomps, but not this one. She bleeds heavily, until medical services takes her to a hospital. 

There, she and Rowan share a few sweet moments, really, which is surprising, considering their complicated history of plane crashes and multiple decades of forced imprisonment. Mrs. Pope gets the feeling that Rowan hasn't been taking as good care of Olivia as she asked him to, before she went away. The couple laughs about Olivia's childhood quirks, but ultimately Rowan still asks the doctor to drug her before he moves her out of the country. 

Like daughter, like mother, though: Mrs. Pope takes out the doctor and escapes, free after two decades of psychological awfulness that would make anybody insane, and finally, finally makes it to see her daughter. 

Olivia was just walking down the street when the woman she thought was dead until only just before calls her name. And not just her name: "Livvy." Sweetly, gently, not like a woman who chewed her own wrists open. Who is this lady? What does she want? And more importantly, what does she know? 

And hey, let's stick a little reality check in here: Scandal did something even more than usual this week. Besides knocking everybody to the floor with ridiculously heart-thumping drama, this week's episode broke primetime history: it was the first episode to feature a black lead actress (hello, Kerry Washington... call me!), a black woman directing (Shonda Rhimes) and a black woman producer (the incredible Ava DuVernay). 

Scandal airs Thursday at 10PM on ABC.

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