'Scandal' Recap: Will the President's Infidelity Go Public?
'Scandal' Recap: Will the President's Infidelity Go Public?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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In Scandal's latest episode, Mellie is the woman referred to in the title "A Woman Scorned" as she gives her husband an ultimatum: his wife or his mistress. Fitz calling her bluff and letting her be drives Cyrus nuts, since he seems to be the only one taking her seriously.

Meanwhile, Olivia and the gang digs deeper into the identity of the Mole, but are they any closer?

Cyrus the Fixer

It's quite funny watching Cyrus running back and forth in the tunnel that connects the White House to where Mellie has set up shop. He's playing the role of the ultimate fixer here because the entire country is at stake. 

Fitz is calling her bluff of going on national television and blab to the whole world that her husband is a "whore-loving bastard." He firmly believes being the first lady and everything that comes with it is far too important for her to throw away. But Cyrus knows she's dangerous because she's not thinking like the first lady but a wife. Fitz just doesn't seem to bite.

Cyrus tries his best though, even dangling a future bill she wants passed in front of her before  the promise that she will have no political career after the White House because of the dirty -- and false -- smear campaign against her. When nothing works, he goes back to Mellie for the Hail Mary: What if he could get rid of Olivia Pope?

Charlie's in Trouble

Huck IDs the baseball hat guy who broke into Olivia's apartment as Charlie. Yep, he knows Charlie by his ear. This leads to the suspicion that Cyrus is the Mole, which practically freaks Olivia out since he's her friend. He would never betray Fitz. Olivia is the only one who can't believe it can be Cyrus. She also seems to be the only one who remembers that their first suspicion of the Mole not only turned out to be untrue but the man wound up dead.

The investigation turns to Charlie. Some good background work, sleuthing, staking out the bookstore and the best bakery in town leads to a woman who's newly been dating Charlie. Her laptop had been stolen, and Charlie had bought her a new one -- such a good guy he is.

Well, the woman recognizes David Rosen because he was a lawyer, and she was a court transcriber. Two and two is put together: Charlie sought out the woman because she has all the court files on her laptop, which he ended up stealing. What was on there were the files on Defiance.

That rules out Cyrus as the Mole because Cyrus was part of Defiance -- he would have no use with the transcripts. While Olivia and Co. don't know why Charlie would go to such extremes to do what he did to Huck and then break into Olivia's apartment, they're positive Cyrus can't be the Mole. Back to square one. 

Charlie doesn't seem to be out of trouble just yet. That's because he's been made with Jake as the guy who must've told Cyrus more than he should have with Jake. How creepy is it that Charlie breaks into Jake's place, watches the film of him and Olivia, sit comfortably on his chair and drink pop? 

The Decision

Thanks to Mellie's ultimatum, Fitz is forced to choose between his mistress and his wife. All episode long, he and Olivia strung the same ol' tune: Fitz wants her, Olivia doesn't want to be played that way. She yells that he needs to EARN her. Combine that with Cyrus telling him he has to give the person he loves whatever she wants (though he meant Mellie), Fitz goes after Olivia one last time.

The time is ticking with Mellie's threat to go public. And all Fitz is going to do is wait it out with Olivia at her place -- that's how he's going to earn her. He looks confident while she looks ... not scared but someone who can't believe this is actually happening. All along, she had been with Fitz but at the end of the day, he always went back to Mellie.

Well, not this time. As Mellie goes on national television -- being interviewed by James, no less, in his first gig after being hired by the TV news -- she tells the world: "My husband had an extra-marital affair." But the way she goes on to say is that she wants to work through it with him, appealing to America's hearts.

A surprising thing that happens during this time is back at Olivia's office, where everyone but Olivia (she's about to get it on with the president) is watching Mellie's speech. David Rosen wonders out loud, "I wonder who he banged," and everyone literally runs out of the room as fast as possible. They knew! We didn't know they knew, but they knew.

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