'Scandal' Recap: Everyone Plays a Part--Including the Not So Dutiful Husband
'Scandal' Recap: Everyone Plays a Part--Including the Not So Dutiful Husband
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Scandal returns for its second half of the season, and "Ride, Sally, Ride" takes place a little over a month since Sally's husband's death. Everyone has a role to play, to be a good soldier -- whether they want to or not.

Never Leaving

Still believing that the devil took over her and led to her murdering her husband, Sally's announced that she'll be running for president as an independent in the upcoming election -- and she's not going to resign from her position as vice president.

Sure, smear your boss's name, declare independence from him and to make matters even worse--make them be stuck with you. She actually believes she's doing the nation a favor by staying on as VP and maintaining her presence ... because it's so sorely needed. Dream on, Sally.

On the Ticket

About as pouty as ever, Fitz is still stealing hot kisses with Olivia (his campaign manager) in the Oval Office. He goes against everyone's wishes for VP and picks a straight, white man from his home state, the current governor of California (who's hooked up with Mellie ... such a soap opera).

Fun fact: The actual president and VP cannot be from the same state, according to law. Guess the show's just glossing over that.

Anyway, Olivia and her team try to vet him, to uncover all his dirty secrets that could potentially harm Fitz's campaign. Other than being a playboy, he really doesn't have anything noteworthy. It's just the fact that's single.

Even after a passionate speech to Olivia about how he once let the love of his life go and had married his job ever since, Olivia tells Fitz she feels it in her gut that he's not the right choice. Still, Fitz, the loyal soldier, will do what he wants and put his foot down because he rewards loyalty, darn it! Well, it makes sense he would since everyone close to him has kept things from him when it was convenient for them.

Pick A Man, Any Man

The Olivia is Fitz's mistress rumor hasn't been "put to bed" yet (Abby's hilarious/sad pun on national television) so Cyrus demands Mellie to take care of it as he takes care of Sally's little secret.

So Mellie's way of handling it is to take Olivia to lunch in a very public place with the paparazzi basically crawling the outside glass of the restaurant to get the perfect shot. Oh, they're just laughing, drinking wine and having a grand ol' time because to the public, Mellie would never be BFFs with her husband's mistress.

What she really wants Olivia to do, so the rumors will finally go away, is for her to date someone. Doesn't matter who, just ... a man. (Or woman, I'm sure Mellie wouldn't care). She actually gives Olivia a list of eligible bachelors, which is the most hilarious thing ever, and a slap in the face to Olivia.

Playing a Part

Olivia can't take it anymore. Her father and one true love are at war -- in fact, her father is going to use his own daughter to bring the White House down. Plus, the cameras are relentless. She wants to resign as campaign manager, but Fitz won't let her. Kiss, kiss, kiss. Doesn't Fitz know what it feels like to be tossed a list of single people to possibly date -- how it makes Olivia feel?

By the way, Olivia's real life baby bump is way noticeable in this episode, and I love that they try to hide it with just some fashionable coats.

In the end, she comes out of it pretty well. She stays on as campaign manager because she has found that man to date -- good ol' Jake Ballard -- tossing him questions like "Are you a patriot?"

My goodness -- yeah Jake, are you a patriot and willing to pretend date the president's mistress in the name of protecting him?

This will make Fitz pout for days while staring longingly/frustratingly at his glass of booze, but he can't do anything about it. He should trust both Liv and Jake.

Dutiful Husband

There's a Deep Throat texting a White House reporter prompting questions about Sally's husband's death -- specifically that the results of the autopsy is government data and must be released to the public. This gets everyone scrambling since well, that obviously can't happen.

Olivia, not knowing what happened or who helped cover it up, dispatches her people to talk to the coroner to reveal the results -- except she ends up saying he fell and hit his head on the toilet. 

Why did she say that? Because Charlie and Quinn (!) are hiding in the next room -- with his son. Thank goodness that Charlie and Quinn didn't do any B613 things. Well, Quinn can't anyway because Jake has told Charlie that she can never be part of the organization. So she's just an unemployed gal tagging along to her boyfriend's gigs. Sigh.

Meanwhile, David Rosen wants James to be a spy to get evidence about the cover-up, which he knows happened since he has the illegal recording to prove it. James gets his own recording as well, but the evidence couldn't be heard in court since it was done in secret.

James, who reveals he's the White House leak (eyeroll) and has been showing off his poker face to Cyrus the entire time, tells David that he's going to do whatever it takes to bring down his husband because he's an egomaniac monster. Whoa, James, stabbing Cyrus and twisting the knife. Cyrus isn't going to know what hit him.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10pm on ABC.

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