'Scandal' Recap: Are Fitz and Olivia Over?
'Scandal' Recap: Are Fitz and Olivia Over?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Olivia knows. Now what? That's what we find out on "Icarus."

Greek Tragedy

Olivia makes it to work, which is more than I expected her to do after finding out her sometimes lover shot down the plane carrying her mother. But it's not like she's being all that efficient -- she's thinking back to a moment in her childhood with her mother.

But now it's time to move, and off she goes to the White House to demand answers. Upon hearing the news that Olivia is on her way, Mellie is overjoyed, convinced that her visit is to accept the job with the Grant re-election, to which Cyrus says the whole situation is a Greek tragedy in the making, which is true. But even he can't deny that Olivia wins elections.

For someone who should be able to read the demeanor of his sometimes lover, Fitz sure can't tell that something is clearly wrong with Olivia. She looks uncomfortable, and her arms are crossed. As he rambles on about the re-election, Olivia cuts him off to ask about Operation Remington without completely telling him what she knows, and he says that it pretty much doesn't exist, and that she can't ask him president-type questions.

That just about settles it: She's not working on Fitz's re-election, but rather working to get Josie Marcus in the White House.

Someone's Watching You

The info that Jake and Huck gave Olivia is big, but it isn't enough. Olivia needs more -- from Jake. Of course puppy dog Jake agrees to do what he can, which means meeting up with an ol' female pal who's way more into him than he is to her and asks to get the cockpit recording of a certain plane.

Though they're at a coffee shop, someone is watching him closely.

Meanwhile, Cyrus and Rowan have one of their one-on-one meetings, where Cyrus tells Rowan that Olivia knows about Operation Remington. Rowan assures Cyrus that he'll take care of Jake, if Cyrus can take care of bringing down the Marcus campaign.

Cyrus shutting it down means going to Harrison to appease Liv. But Harrison can't just make that happen, which Cyrus must know as well, because he then brings up Harrison's insider trading past and his boss. Cyrus pulls strings to get the man's visa renewed, which he eventually does. Harrison says if his ex-boss returns to the United States, then he's a dead man.

One Question Only

About a few glasses deep in red wine, Olivia flashes back to the moment she comes home and her father tells her the news of her mother. Rowan had been in front of the television, obviously grieving. Is it true grief finding out his wife died or is there guilt as well?

The moment prompts her to call her father -- the wine probably helps to dial his number. She's rambling about wanting to ask questions but that she doesn't want any of her friends to be killed so she won't. But Rowan is offering her one question, and one question only.

Olivia asks whether he ordered the command to shoot down the plane her mother was on, to which he answers no. She also asks about Fitz, but her father meant it when he said just one question. Then he goes on about leaving the past in the past, but he obviously doesn't know his daughter too well because that isn't happening.

Planting the Seed

Quinn (remember her? She's lost a bit of her identity now that Huck is shunning her) has been going to the shooting range. There, Charlie (!!!) comes up to her, giving her pointers about how she needs to relax her shoulders. Creepy Charlie, where did you come from? Stop giving Quinn advice on how to shoot a gun!

Just when I'm crossing my fingers that it's just a random cameo, we see him on the phone with none other than Rowan. Charlie's "planting the seed" he tells him. Are they trying to get Quinn to turn on Huck and kill him?

Sniper to the Rescue

Jake meets with his gal pal in a dark alleyway because she has the recording for him. Just when she's about to reach into her bag, the man we saw at the coffee shop with them earlier comes out of nowhere with his gun ... and shoots her! 

He orders Jake to check her purse, and the only thing in there is a gun. She had come to kill Jake. But thankfully, Jake had a guardian angel in the form of Fitz, who had a detail on him since B16 wants him killed. Whew. Wait, what?

I love scenes between Jake and Fitz. All those feelings for Olivia -- and each other knowing how much the other man wants her. But Jake's on his own now. If Fitz can't have Olivia, no one can.

One More Chance to Come Clean

To Fitz, it doesn't matter what Olivia's reasons are that she turned him down to work for him because he probably just thinks she's playing hard to get. Why else would he show up at her place with that look of wanting her?

It's actually a little sad knowing that he's going to get rejected, and he has no idea. Olivia again asks him about Operation Remington, but this time includes her personal connection to it. His face changes when he finds out -- that she was 12 when her mother died on that plane -- but he denies it yet again. (Side note, how old are these two right now because Olivia was 12 when Fitz was shooting down planes?)

He doesn't even really need to be shown the door. I mean, if he doesn't realize that Olivia wants nothing to do with him because not only does she know but she always knows he's lying -- it's not sad, it's stupid.

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