'Scandal' Recap: The Truth Isn't What it Appears to Be
'Scandal' Recap: The Truth Isn't What it Appears to Be
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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"Truth or Consequences" is one of those episodes that's sets up for something bigger, presumably for next week. It gives more back stories, fills in more holes in story lines and pushes the plot along but with no reward in the end. Except for the one little bombshell that Scandal loves to pull on us -- what you believed all along isn't the case at all.

The Fixer Needs Fixing

For the better part of the beginning of the episode, Olivia's in a daze, consumed by her guilt over her role in the election rigging. She tells Cyrus she blames her emotional attachment to Fitz at the time for making the biggest mistake of her life. She tries to stand up to Hollis, but in the end, all she ends up doing is hide in bed.

We've never seen Olivia this way -- broken. Things don't get any better when Fitz calls, wanting to hear her voice and give her the news about his divorce. She tells him Edison proposed, that she's not a good person -- "you don't know me." And when Fitz tells her to wait for him, the huge question that was teased in the preview -- she just hangs up!

Connecting the Dots

Concerned over his maybe future wife since she never gave him an answer, Edison turns to Olivia's crew to plead with him to help her. Quinn's the only person who really pushes for them to take Olivia on as a client. (Metaphorically speaking. I'm sure they're not going to bill their boss. Right?)

They all wonder why Olivia hasn't turned in Hollis for his role in assassinating the president so they decide to talk through everything. How Quinn was framed for the bombing and how Huck was framed for shooting the president, and the common link of Cytron and Hollis. So in sharing their parts of they know, they seem to have figured out how deep Olivia has gotten herself into -- and that's in way too deep.

Back to Work

But it's Huck who goes to see Olivia, in a really sweet scene between the two of them. The friendship of Olivia and Huck is one of the more underrated ones on the show, and I wish they would have more one-on-one time together as Huck wonders why it's such a bad idea to kill Hollis.

Huck informs Olivia if he doesn't do it, then Cyrus' hit man will be hired to do so. This is what gets Olivia running out of bed because she just wants Hollis to go to jail -- not be killed. Her way of keeping Hollis alive is to go to David Rosen and give Hollis up. She and her team will dig up evidence that will stick.

Except Cyrus wants Hollis dead and will do anything to make that happen. (Shouldn't Olivia know this by now?)

A New Bad Guy

Back in the office, Olivia gets her team right to work to dig up a paper trail to nail Hollis, and the key people are her dead ex-boyfriend and Becky. Through flashbacks, we see that it's Jesse's Cytron that Hollis employed to rig the election. He even tries blackmailing Hollis for more money, which is one of the reasons why his met an untimely death.

But how do you access the bank accounts of a dead guy? Well, just go to the Apple store! It turns out Quinn dropped off his laptop to get fixed right before he died -- and all she had to do is pick it up. 

Add to that Huck getting Becky to give her bank info to him, and it seems everything is right there to put Hollis away for good.

Except this is Scandal and nothing is as it seems. There's the payment from Hollis to Jesse ... but the $5 million into Becky's account isn't from Hollis! He's not the one who paid her off, although he's the one who made the call. Then who the heck was it? Someone else in the White House? Was it someone we haven't yet been introduced to? It makes no sense whatsoever.

Scrambling, Olivia phones David with a genuine apology but it's too late, he had released Hollis an hour ago. And all that we're left with after that is the hit man getting in elevator with Hollis. Will Huck be able to catch up with them and stop it?

An Ace Up her Sleeve

Meanwhile, Cyrus had reported to Mellie that the divorce is a go and advises her to play any last card that she has. And that apparently is to have her baby. I don't know how she convinced the doctor to deliver, since she arrived on her own and looking normal.

It's downright disgusting what she's doing, but definitely not surprising. With Fitz there and holding her hand, does that mean he will stay? Maybe not, since in the previews for next week, he again asks Olivia to wait for him.

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