'Scandal' Preview and Spoilers: A 'Game Changer' in the Works
'Scandal' Preview and Spoilers: A 'Game Changer' in the Works
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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With tonight's episode titled "Nobody Likes Babies," you'd naturally assume the episode will center around Mellie and Fitz's baby, which was born prematurely. One minute, we saw Mellie enter the doctor's office looking perfectly normal yet with a ton of vengeance. Next minute, she was having that baby.

Yet there's so much more to this episode, since they've been teasing it as a "Game Changer," and who really order the assassination attempt on Fitz. But for now, all we have are previews of Fitz juggling the main women in his life. 

Highlights from the preview:

- Olivia accepted Edison's marriage proposal. Why? I don't know, since she pretty much told the guy to get lost after he implied she was a "criminal, a whore, an idiot and a liar" (best episode name, by the way). 

- Fitz still wants to know whether Olivia will wait for him. When he asked over the phone in the previous episode, she just hung up on him (did anyone else laugh at that moment?). Is she going to ignore answering the question again?

- Fitz's divorce is not dependent on Olivia. Or so he says. But I do believe him since he really isn't happy. 

Check out this video of Fitz, but with Mellie:

- The baby doesn't have a name. If the baby is out of the hospital -- as is his mother -- that seems to be awhile without a name, since both aren't released right away. I can see Fitz and Mellie being at odds over it.

- Fitz wants to see the kids once they're divorced.

- Mellie pretty much laughs in his face at that since she's not going to divorce him.

Episode Script Teases

Here's what the show released on their Twitter account:

- "I need your help, James." David

It's pretty easy to figure out what David's referring to, since the episode says he finds out about the Cytron case. But what we don't know is what James has done with what he learned from Defiance, Ohio, that the rigged voting machine is there.

- "Quiet." Fitz

Maybe Fitz is saying this to Cyrus. I can't picture him saying that to Olivia or even Mellie. But who knows?

- "The only person it would hurt is Fitz." Olivia

The only information that Olivia has that would hurt Fitz is the fact that she was part of election rigging. Or, maybe she finds out who wanted him dead and realizes it's not someone as bad as Hollis. I even wondered if Mellie was the one. That would certainly be a game changer. Remember: When they were in the limo and about to get out, Mellie was pleading with him not to go, for them to go back. Perhaps she knew what was about to happen and was having second thoughts.

- "Do. Not. Push. Me." Fitz

Definitely Mellie about all their marital problems.

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