'Scandal' Exclusive Interview: Katie Lowes & Guillermo Diaz Talk About Huck and Quinn's Unique Relationship, Torture, and What's Next
'Scandal' Exclusive Interview: Katie Lowes & Guillermo Diaz Talk About Huck and Quinn's Unique Relationship, Torture, and What's Next
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Huck tortured Quinn! Scandal continues to take the story in crazy and unexpected directions. Will Quinn still care about Huck after he pulled out her teeth? The answer may surprise you. I spoke with Katie Lowes and Guillermo Diaz this week to find out the story behind filming the torture scene, the status of Huck and Quinn's relationship, and what's going on with Quinn and Charlie.

Amazing performance last week from both of you. It freaked me out and was difficult to watch. During the episode live-tweet, someone mentioned that was all filmed in one day. Was it a grueling shoot?

Katie Lowes: Oh my God, it was honestly. I have to say it was the hardest, most challenging day of my entire professional career. I've never -- to have a scene back to back to back to back to back to back, it was literally like 14 and a half hours of being naked and tied up on a floor. And then the day ended with the Quinn and Charlie scene where she drops her towel and they have sex. So I'm like this is the craziest day, but for so many reasons. I mean anything from emotionally to how to scream take after take after take and not lose your voice. 

Guillermo Diaz: And Katie was taped up. She was taped up with electrical tape and I was prodding her with this long iron mouth-like thing that Huck uses to pull out her teeth. And I remember I kept connecting with her teeth and I kept thinking "Oh my God, I'm sorry. I'm sorry." The director (Oliver Bokelberg) wanted me to go deeper into her mouth with that contraption and I was like "Oliver I can feel her teeth. I feel her teeth." And, Katie was just like "Go for it. Dude, go for it." She was such a trooper, but it was a crazy crazy day. And it was Halloween when we shot it.

Lowes: It was all Halloween. It was the craziest Halloween ever cause we were just covered in blood screaming at each other. It was actually kinda perfect. And I have to say I don't think I could have gotten through it at all without Guillermo and George Newburn, who plays Charlie, and Oliver who was the director of the episode. And also our amazing camera department. Everyone knew it was a really hard day for me and they just buckled down and were nothing but supportive and lovely. They knew I was going to be naked all day, so they never turned on the air conditioning and everyone was in shorts and tank tops because it was like 100 degrees in there so I wouldn't be cold.

How was Huck able to turn on Quinn like that and torture someone he's cared about?

Diaz: Huck is Huck, right? This is what he does and the fact that Quinn happens to be in the family and he loves her doesn't change what Huck does. She betrayed Liv. She betrayed Huck. Huck's gonna do what Huck does. I mean I think [Executive Producer] Shonda Rhimes said it so beautifully. This is his world and the fact that people kinda are shocked that he went there with Quinn, but what do you expect. He's a killer. 

I mean everybody loves him and he really is trying to change and be a different man and not torture people any more and get over that addiction, but he's still -- he comes from B613 from a long line of torturing people. There's a lot of stuff going on in Huck's head and he did what he does. I commend Shonda on going there and not being afraid to make one of the lead characters torture another one of the lead characters on the show. It's crazy.

Lowes: Totally. Totally agreed.

What's Quinn's state of mind going into the mid-season finale. She's made a deal with Huck, but she's kinda with Charlie and at Wonderland.

Lowes: Yeah, you know. I think her mind in this moment, I truly think that Quinn would and will do anything for Huck and for Olivia. I do think that. I mean it's really a terrible long line of miscommunications of why it seems that Quinn has betrayed Huck and Olivia. And I understand why Huck would think that of Quinn and her getting wrapped up in the wrong side, but how I play it is that Quinn really would do anything for Huck and Olivia. She would. They are her home, her heart. 

She has nowhere else to go. She has no other friends. She has nobody. So I think where we're going to pick it up, where we last left it, with her with that syringe with Rowan. I mean I think she has every intention of doing any single thing she can to get back to Huck and Olivia Pope & Associates.

Is it possible that Quinn is playing Charlie more than he's playing her?

Lowes: It's so interesting. I think they are such an interesting relationship and it's so much fun to do. And acting with George Newbern is so much fun. I think they are both -- How I see it is that they are both playing each other and they also both have feelings for each other. I do think that. I think there is something there. I think Quinn hasn't been in a relationship in years and I don't even know if she'd even be capable of a normal relationship at this point after everything she's been through. And maybe this relationship with Charlie is the most normal she'll ever get. 

I don't see Quinn gallivanting and going to movies anymore. You know and so I just kinda feel like Charlie and Quinn got together to use each other and they continue to use each other in the episode that you saw and I think they are actually connected in some way. They do have dark sides of themselves and they have lighter sides of themselves. And they're in the same business. They have a lot in common.

Diaz: Yeah. They sure do.

Does Huck have any guilt over Quinn's current predicament? He trained her, but then he kinda abandoned her, which left her open for Charlie.

Diaz: You know I don't think he does. He was training her and he was kinda introducing her to the world that he operates in, but I think he thought she was going to go about it a different way. I don't think he thought she was going to be as eager as she was trying to get that Cytron card from Billy Chambers. So I think that's the moment Huck thought "Oh my God, she's liking this too much."

There has to be a little bit of calmness if you're gonna torture people and be in this world. I think that's where Huck's head was. But, I don't think he has any guilt about cutting things off with Quinn. He warned her several times that if she would have just backed off and not seemed so desperate to want to continue to torture people and get into that dark world really quickly he would have gotten past it and forgiven her for jumping the gun really quickly with Billy Chambers. And even though, she did get he Cytron card. He has to give her that. She kinda scared him a little bit and he thought it would be hard to reel her back in and that's why he stepped back and left her alone. I don't think he feels any guilt about it.

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