'Scandal' Exclusive Interview: Guillermo Diaz Discusses Torture, B613, and Gladiators' Next Move
'Scandal' Exclusive Interview: Guillermo Diaz Discusses Torture, B613, and Gladiators' Next Move
Carla Day
Carla Day
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When Scandal returns for season 3, Pope and Associates will be dealing with the aftermath of the Defiance situation, as well as, Olivia's relationship with the President being revealed in the public. 

I spoke to Guillermo Diaz at the ABC All-Star Reception this summer. He discussed the relationship between Huck and Quinn, her torture of Billy Chambers, and what's next for Pope and Associates.

Poor Huck. He's been through so much. When the season starts, where is he mentally?

Mentally, the last time we saw Huck is he wasn't able to get information out of Billy Chambers. He wasn't able to torture him for information, so I think that now Huck is feeling like who is he now? He's not even able to torture people now, but he's also worried that he's opened this dark world up to Quinn. 

She kinda took over and was able to torture Billy Chambers, so I think that's the biggest thing on his mind is trying to figure out how to remedy that. How he can fix that. He's afraid that now that she's tasted the blood and she likes it a little bit too much. So that's his biggest worry right now.

In regards to the Huck and Quinn relationship, they have been there for each other in the past. In the finale, he was very worried about the turn that she took. Is she okay with what happened?

She doesn't think that she did anything wrong. She's oblivious that Huck is upset about her. She's excited. She's like "Hell, yeah. Who are we going to torture next." And, that's why Huck is concerned. He feels like he created a monster. And, he knows what it's like for him because after when he first tortured someone he fell in love with it as well, and was addicted to it right away. He's just afraid that she's going to fall into the same patterns he has and become a person that she's ultimately not going to want to be like he is right now.

Does B613 become a larger part of the story going forward?

Yeah. We're gonna find out more about B613 and more about who was involved. There are going to be a lot of flashback scenes in episode 2. We're going to flashback to when he was homeless, so we're going to get a lot more information about B613 and while he was homeless and his relationship with Olivia before he worked with Olivia. We're going to flash back to Olivia and her father. 

At Pope & Associates, what is the mood there after everything that's happened? Is everyone still on Olivia's side?

Absolutely. None of us are in a place to judge Olivia or anyone. That's why we are all gladiators and we all work so well together. We've all done some bad things in the past. So, no one is in a place to judge Olivia or anyone else. And, I think now it will make us even closer, fight for each other more, and work harder. The mood is very onward and upward. We're going to get through this and we're all in this together. That's the mood now at Pope & Associates.

Does Olivia become the client?

She might.

Scandal season 3 premieres on Thursday, October 3 at 10 pm ET on ABC.

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