'Scandal' Casting News: Meet Fitz and Mellie's Kids
'Scandal' Casting News: Meet Fitz and Mellie's Kids
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Fitz and Mellie already have a complicated marriage while living their lives at the White House, but now it's going to get a little complicated -- and crowded.

Scandal will finally introduce the Grant children. Here's what we already knew about the Grant kids: There are three of them, Jerry, Teddy and Karen. We know for sure there's a family photo with Jerry and Karen at the White House. We also once saw Fitz say that "a child puked on my pregnant wife."

We saw Teddy being born and being passed around in the White House. Now, we'll meet his older siblings, who have been away at boarding school.

According to TVLine, Jerry and Karen will be played by Dylan Minnette and Madeline Carroll. Fifteen-year-old Jerry is "quiet, smart and intense," while his younger sister is "polished, self-assured and older than her years."

The biggest question is: What do these two think of their parents? Also, is Jerry actually Fitz's brother?

When they come to visit their parents, Jerry might not be so fond of them, according to TVLine, because he keeps being told what to say by the media consultant. He comes to the White House with a chip on his shoulder. Meanwhile, it seems Karen questions why her mother is with her father but then changes her mind when she finds out about something.

At 17 years old, Minnette has had his fair share of television roles in his career, and is no stranger to the ABC network. He was most recently on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D but might be more familiar as Jack's son on Lost. He's also been on Prison Break and was a regular on Saving Grace. And yes, he's also been on Shonda Rhimes' other show, Grey's Anatomy.

Carroll, also 17, has also appeared on Lost and Grey's Anatomy, as well as Private Practice, Cold Case and NCIS. On the big screen, she played the role of White Queen in Resident Evil: Extinction.

Scandal returns Thursday, February 27 at 10pm on ABC with the remaining seven episodes of the shortened third season. The Grant children are expected to first appear on the third to last episode of the season.

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