Lisa Kudrow Lands Guest-Starring Role on 'Scandal'
Lisa Kudrow Lands Guest-Starring Role on 'Scandal'
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Lisa Kudrow is returning to network television in her biggest role since her days of playing Phoebe Buffay on NBC's Friends, which ran through 2004.

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Deadline reported that Kudrow is headed to Scandal for a recurring role for season 3. Details of her role are slim, but she will play a politician. Politicians on this show usually turn to Olivia Pope & Associates to have her team "fix" whatever scandal they've gotten themselves into. Usually, it's handled by the end of the episode.

The fact that Kudrow is set appear on more than one episode could mean that Kudrow's character might not turn to Olivia for help. Or if she does, she's in a big trouble if it can't get solved with one episode. Another thing to wonder is whether she will appear in flashbacks or the present. The present seems most likely.

Another possibility could have to do with the president's impending re-election campaign. Will Kudrow's character be running against Fitzgerald Grant? So many questions.

Kudrow will see a familiar face on the Scandal set. She and Dan Bucatinsky, who plays Cyrus' husband James, own a production company and together, and they are executive producers on the Showtime comedy Web Therapy (which Kudrow also stars in) and Who Do You Think You Are? on TLC.

Comedy is definitely the type of role you think of when it comes to Kudrow, so it'll be interesting to see her in a fast-paced drama like Scandal.

Are you excited to see Kudrow this season? Let us know!

Scandal season 3 will premiere October 3 at 10pm on ABC.

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