'Saving Grace' Series Finale: What Did You Think?
'Saving Grace' Series Finale: What Did You Think?
Grace Hanadarko's journey ended as Saving Grace aired its last episodes tonight -- and man, they really meant it when they said it's the end, didn't they? (I've got spoilers after this paragraph, so avoid if you haven't seen the episode!)

For those who were expecting to see a happy ending for Grace, well, there's nothing to wait for. Her journey went full circle as the series ended, with her finally vanquishing one evil in Baltimore, even if it means losing her life. Yes, Grace is dead, and there are a lot of ways to look at it.

Did evil prevail? I don't think so -- Grace was finally willing to take that one last step, and her mission in this world is fulfilled. It's like all this was a preparation for her ultimate battle. She may have passed trying to prevent another Oklahoma City bombing of sorts, but better one casualty (at least) than many more, right? Of course, it would've been nice to see a new-and-improved version of her take on the bad guys in Oklahoma.

But the way we got there -- Earl's involvement in her sister's death many years ago? You might say that being his plan all along is evil in itself, but there are things that we cannot just comprehend. The way Saving Grace ended may be sudden, but I bet we'll see things more clearly after a couple of days of reflection.

What did you think of Saving Grace's series finale? Did you like the ending? Were you hoping for a happier one, or is this just what you expected?

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