'Saturday Night Live' Videos: Watch the Best of Justin Bieber
'Saturday Night Live' Videos: Watch the Best of Justin Bieber
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Justin Bieber pulled double duty on Saturday Night Live this week as host and musical guest. The episode, which will almost certainly post record ratings thanks all the Beliebers out there, featured a mix of some extremely funny moments and some painfully awful sketches.

For the most part Bieber proved to be pretty good as a host, oozing charisma while singing and wooing his way through most of the sketches to a near-constant squealing from the predominately female audience. The kid oozes swagger, you can't deny that.

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The less said about The Californians or that annoying "glice" sketch the better, and the final school dance sketch was kind of a dud, though Bieber was sota funny as a nerdy virgin. Still, here were the best sketches from the Justin Bieber episode of Saturday Night Live.

Justin Bieber's Sexy Valentine's Day Message

Justin was full-on eye-banging the camera for this funny bit. The highlight? Bieber taking a picture of his junk and sending it to Hillary Clinton. That's pretty edgy stuff for the tween heartthrob.

Bravo Spin-Offs

The single funniest sketch of the episode was this parody of Bravo's many Real Housewives spin-offs (like Vanderpump Rules). It was spot-on about the network's embarrassing recycling of its stars (and if you don't believe me, just remember that It's a Brad, Brad World, a spin-off of The Rachel Zoe Project, exists).


Bieber combined Valentine's Day and Black History Month by crooning to the sexy ladies and offering black history fun facts like "Denzel Washington invented the peanut." A completely random Whoopi Goldberg cameo was the perfect way to end it.

The Miley Cyrus Show

This was pretty cool as Bieber played Miley's biggest fan who mocked that douchy Justin Bieber kid for looking like a lesbian and smoking weed that one time, although he regrets it and will never do it again because everyone makes mistakes. Good cover, Biebs, though Miley's wink to the camera lets us all know that, yeah, Bieber ain't gonna stop smoking weed, he's just gonna make sure people don't take pictures of him doing it anymore.


In a parody of Grease, Bieber played an 11-year-old who was painfully childish and stupid, but the girl in love with him didn't care. And with that voice, who could blame her?

Super Bowl Blackout

The opening was Bieber-less, but I actually chuckled quite a bit as the commentators for the Super Bowl tried desperately to fill time during the blackout, mentioning Ray Lewis allegedly killing those two people and repeatedly hyping 2 Broke Girls (and kudos to them for actually referencing the actual plot of Monday's episode where Caroline visited a psychic).

Bieber Body Doubles

Nearly the entire cast of SNL showed up as faux Biebers in this sketch. "Some of them are black, they're"not fooling anyone," Bieber complained. "Yeah, well neither are you, homey" was the response in the single funniest line of the entire night. Ellen as the best Bieber body double was great, but for the ladies, it was all about Bieber flashing his abs which are becoming increasingly well-defined, making it slightly less creepy to lust after him.

Justin Bieber Musical Performances

If you prefer Bieber as the musical guest rather than the host, here's his performances of "As Long as You Love Me" and "Nothing Like Us" to make you swoon and squeal.

Justin Bieber SNL Flashback

And just in case you haven't had enough Justin Bieber, here's a blast from the past when he was the musical guest with host Tina Fey back in 2010 and appeared in a sketch as the object of Fey's teacher's affection.

Did you love Justin Bieber as host of Saturday Night Live? It was definitely the best episode of 2013 so far, though Jennifer Lawrence and Adam Levine set a pretty low bar. Did he make you swoon with his singing, acting, dancing and abs? Are you willing to forgive him for smoking weed?

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