'NBC Nightly News' Anchor to Host 'Saturday Night Live'
'NBC Nightly News' Anchor to Host 'Saturday Night Live'
First we had NBA star LeBron James open the new Saturday Night Live (SNL) season.  Then last weekend, we got New Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi hosting the popular sketch show.  And now, the latest confirmed guest host for the long-running gag program is none other than NBC Nightly News anchor, Brian Williams.

Williams makes an interesting choice for SNL emcee, considering that he's always been this straight-laced, nary a strand of hair out of place, formal news persona.

Williams has spent the last three years as the face of NBC Nightly News, after replacing former anchor, Tom Brokaw.  He is a world-class journalist who has covered many of the biggest breaking news in the past several years.  He was the only network evening news anchor to report from New Orleans during hurricane Katrina's devastation, setting up coverage inside the Superdome as Katrina raged on.  He has traveled extensively to Iraq to cover the first elections following Saddam Hussein's overthrow from power.  He was also the first of the three major network news anchors to report about Pope John Paul II's passing in April two years ago.

With his impressive credentials as a hard news personality, his stint on Saturday Night Live on November 3 will be an interesting event to watch out for.

This early on, die-hard media purists are already raising their eyebrows at the prospect of one of network news' most esteemed and respected personalities' hosting Saturday Night Live.  However, MarketWatch's Jim Friedman thinks it's high time the public got a chance to see a side of Williams that is far less severe than his Nightly News persona.

“I say, it's about time that Brian Williams tried to let his hair down on TV,” Friedman wrote.  “Maybe, just maybe, this unusual experience will help Williams loosen up.  And if he does that, he might just reclaim his ranking from [ABC's Charles] Gibson as the top evening-news anchor.”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: MarketWatch
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