2011 Emmy Nominations: Watch the 'SNL' Nominated Songs
2011 Emmy Nominations: Watch the 'SNL' Nominated Songs
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
In recent years, the Saturday Night Live Digital Shorts have become viral videos and big winners at the Emmys. "Dick in a Box" won the award for Outstanding and Music and Lyrics while "Motherlover" and "Shy Ronnie" have also scored nominations.

This year, however, SNL has outdone itself with four of the six nominees for Outstanding Music and Lyrics. Family Guy's "Christmas is Killing Us" and Robert Klein's "An American Prayer - Hymn 2" round out the category, but it's the four SNL songs that steal the show.

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First, there's the third part of the "Dick in a Box" trilogy, the ménage-a-trois-based "3-Way" featuring Lady Gaga.

Second is another Justin Timberlake song, as his number from the monologue was also nominated. Combined with another nomination for hosting, Timberlake now has a total of seven Emmy nominations, which is better than most TV stars.

Third is the brilliant "I Just Had Sex" featuring Akon.

Finally, my personal favorite, "Jack Sparrow," a song based on Michael Bolton's love of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Which song are you rooting for at the Emmys?

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