'Bachelor Pad' Week 2 Deleted Scenes: A Twin Opens Up -- Without Fighting
'Bachelor Pad' Week 2 Deleted Scenes: A Twin Opens Up -- Without Fighting
Because the twins spent their entire screen time from Monday night's Bachelor Pad episode arguing or crying, I guess they felt they had to show through a deleted scene the two minutes spent not fighting. And it's Erica, who admits her feeling for David.

She tells him she's sensitive and shy ... when she's NOT fighting with her sister, of course.

Take a look:

Michael: This episode was BANANAS!!!

Michael has been keeping up a blog every week for Parade, and shares a lot of interesting insight -- and what else you didn't see on the show.

Here are some highlights:

- He was considering taking Jamie as his third person on the date -- not Donna, and only took her because Jamie told him how much she had a crush on him! Michael calls the most selfless and thoughtful but is it? Is it really? Jamie just didn't want to stay away from Chris!

- It sounds like Michael was the one who changed Jamie's mind in voting for Ed -- not Ryan. He calls Ed a "key player in our alliance." I'm not completely clear on who that all is. I'm assuming the girls that all voted for Ryan -- and then their partner. So Michael's alliance would include Lindzi, Rachel, Jaclyn, Kalon, Ed?

- During the gymnastics competition, Rachel and Sarah got their ribbons tied together, and then end up "COMPLETELY DECKING" Erica in their move. Where is THAT deleted scene?

Next Episode: Can David Escape Another Week?

I was so relieved to see someone other than David go out because it would've been so predictable. But he's still on borrowed time, and it sounds like he's the target next week ... or will he be?

Because Ed wants revenge on whenever wanted him to leave, and it appears like he knows it's Reid. And the preview looks like it's down to Reid and Ed as the bottom two -- which means David could be safe yet again! He just keeps dodging bullets left and right. But if it came down to Ed and Reid, it would definitely be Reid, as he doesn't seem like he fits in anywhere -- with the women OR men.

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