'Project Runway' Recap: Coney Island Chaos
'Project Runway' Recap: Coney Island Chaos
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Previously on Project Runway, everyone's favorite sustainable designer, Timothy explained his mission to keep unicorns alive by using recyclable materials, Helen sent a paper-clipped dress down the runway, and someone completely different was eliminated. C'est la vie, I suppose.

Wakey Wakey

Well I suppose if you have to be woken up from a deep slumber in which you are wearing a mask on top of a mask like Ken, it might as well be by Heidi Klum. She gives the designers a rude awakening and drags their groggy heads on a field trip to Coney Island.

The designers meet Tim Gunn and a Yoplait executive where they tell them they have to pair up for the first team challenge and do something that is a complete waste of time with necessary product placement Yoplait fro-yo. All you need to know is that it's another unconventional challenge where the designers have to use materials from the prizes they win at the Coney Island game stands.

Here are the teams:

Alexander and Justin use materials from inflatable toys in mostly bright blue and bright green. There is a great color-blocked bra top and a fitted pencil skirt. Alexander expresses to Tim that he thinks it might look too young and Tim suggests that they add another piece.

Kate and Helen are both happy to be teamed up with one another. It's Helen's idea to use red sombreros to sculpt a corset. They work very well together and when they tell Tim about their idea for angular shoulders, he suggests they keep it strapless, advice they decide to heed.

Jeremy and Ken are paired together and they continue their streak of being basic over the last few episodes. They're making a pair of blue vinyl pants, a straw top and a vest. Yawn.

At first, Sue is excited to work with Sandro until she realizes what a jerk he is. For someone who barely has a grasp on the English language, he certainly has a colorful vocabulary. She designs a blue vinyl-like flowy mermaid dress, but he fights her on every aspect. He even exes out one of her designs and degrades her in front of Tim Gunn.

Sue, the constant professional tries to take it all in stride while still fighting for her design. At some point though, she realizes it's easier to give in and just act as "his assistant" than it is to fight with him. While it's clear to see why she made this decision, I wish she hadn't rolled right over to him. And when he sees he's won, he says, "WHEN WOMAN LISTEN TO A MAN, IS SO COOL." Real nice... you're a pig.

Bradon and Batts are a ginger match made in heaven. They make what Batts describes as an "avant garde" look with green poofs off one hip and animal stuffing poofs off of the opposite shoulder. Sandro admires this look, and even admits in a confessional that he wants to steal that idea for a future challenge. If you're going to be a weasel, Sandro, you could at least be sneaky about it.

Dom and Alexandria are using bright blue fabric to make a shift dress with a cartoon face on it. Dom is inspired by Japanese street color and making it playful and young.

And now for the hot messes of the night: Miranda and Timothy. Miranda started the challenge off deciding that she was going to have a bad attitude about working with Timothy, whose youth and quirkiness she was already too familiar with because they are from the same hometown. Things are going fairly well with a blue plastic dress and a yellow woven vest until Tim critiques it saying it looks like a "hospital gown" and very "arts and crafts."

While Timothy is used to harsh critiques and tries to shake it off, Miranda decides to find a corner to sulk in and shut out any of Timothy's suggestions to help their look. Then she goes to the sewing room where she proceeds to RIP TIMOTHY A NEW ONE. She says rude things like how he doesn't deserve to be there and even worse, mean and uncalled for things like calling him an "ass." She is just getting started when poor Timothy enters the room unnoticed and she continues to berate him like he isn't even there.

It takes a heartfelt letter from his model Sophie and a cuddle with a giant stuffed unicorn for Timothy to go back into the room and get to work. When he does, Miranda starts crying about how she is such a turd BUT STILL DOESN'T APOLOGIZE. Timothy stands his ground and acts way older than his age (and definitely more mature than his older teammate) to try to continue the challenge.

Step Right Up And Get Your Runway Show!

Judging this week in addition to our regular beauties Heidi, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen is the wonderful Kelly (The McRib Is Back) Osbourne. I love another unconventional challenge so early. The whole show should be unconventional challenges, in my opinion. It would make things so much more interesting and fun. You heard it here first, Lifetime.


Alexandria and Dom - Kelly thinks it's fun and would love to wear it because it's very hip and now. Everyone loves how it made them smile as it came down the runway. Nina says it's adorable and fun and a real Instagram moment.

Kate and Helen - Heidi says their sombrero dress is like a beautiful sculpture and a piece of art. Nina likes that it's high-fashion but still maintains its whimsy. Zac loves the tailoring and the color, and Kelly likes the folds of the hat in the skirt and that it's still form fitting and flattering.


Justin and Alexander - Although they worked well together, the judges are not impressed with their shower-curtain-like dress as a whole. Kelly says they should have just let the bright colors do the talking instead of adding so many extra details to it. Zac hates the dorsal fin effects on the hips, the kelp on the hem and the seaweed on her bum. And Heidi and Nina hate the jacket, but love the color-blocking underneath once it's removed.

Miranda and Timothy - Zero... is the number of people who watched this show that are surprised that this team is in the bottom. Zac says the dress looks like a deflated pool toy and Heidi says it's just plain boring. Though it's clear Timothy worked very hard on the weaving in the jacket, no one is impressed by it.

Of course their dirty laundry comes out on the runway. Miranda says she has "too much integrity" (HA) to berate Timothy, but she doesn't have any problem throwing him under the bus. Timothy tries to explain what happened but he gets flustered and is still emotional about what happened and is unable to properly articulate what a B Miranda is.

And sadly for Timothy, three times in the bottom is just too many to survive and he is eliminated. It really bugs me that Miranda is rewarded in any way for her behavior. Mean people like her who try and step on other perceived "weaker people" like Timothy are pretty deplorable. She's a bully, and I hate that she got away with it.

On a happier note, Helen redeems herself from last week's safety-pin and glue dress and is the winner of the challenge and has immunity for the next task. Let's hope (especially for anyone that would have to be partnered with Sandro) that it's not another team challenge.

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