'Survivor' Recap: Blindsides are Fun and Exciting
'Survivor' Recap: Blindsides are Fun and Exciting
This week on Survivor, it's Tarzan and the ladies! Is he doomed? Hardly. The target seems to be on Sabrina, who's completely oblivious to the fact that her name's being mentioned to vote out.

Kat: Troyzan Told Me to 'Do It'

Kat reveals what Troyzan whispered in her ear before he had to leave -- go after Kim. Alicia declares (off camera) that she's on top and that she's controlling the entire game. Get real. If it hadn't been men vs. women, I assure you she would've been long gone.

Reunited And It Feels So Good

For the reward challenge, the remaining contestants reunite with a member of their family and compete together for a chance to spend more time together. Kim and Alicia with their sisters, Christina with her dying father, Tarzan with his wife of 30 years, Chelsea with her dad, Sabrina with her brother, and Kat with her cousin.

Everyone who reunited ran to their loved one's embrace, and Tarzan was on one knee. As for Chelsea? She crawled her way over and the two had this secret greeting. It was highly bizarre but not all that surprising since Kat seems totally off. Other than that moment, the reunions are incredibly sweet, as all the contestants (even stone-cold Kim!) cry.

Anyway, the pairs compete in yet another challenge involving ropes (is this some sort of record now?). Unsurprisingly, Kim and her sister are in the lead. Surprisingly, so are Kat and her cousin -- and Sabrina and her really fit brother are pretty much dead last.

A Feast Among Friends

Kat barely squeaks out the win and selects Alicia and Kim to go along with her for a huge feast. This makes everyone -- even Kim -- upset because everyone else would've selected Christina and Tarzan. Kat says there's no strategy involved with her selections -- she just wants to hang out with her besties and drink and gossip and braid each other's hair. (She may not have said those things, but that's what I took away from it).

Apparently Kat has bad short-term memory since she cried when Kim didn't pick her last week after winning her own reward challenge.

At the get-together, Kat, Alicia and Kim say they're the final three. And Sabrina should be the next to go for her persuasiveness and honesty.

Back at camp, all the chatter says Kat is the next to go.

Hang On Tight

The immunity challenge consists of the players standing on a ledge and hanging onto a bar behind them that will slowly get lowered as the competition goes on. Fall into the water, and you're out.

For someone who's on the hot seat, Sabrina sure isn't playing like that matters. Of course, she doesn't know it either -- but still. She falls before Tarzan! Again, it's Kim and Kat in the end, holding on for an hour. Kim barely even moves an inch, while Kat struggles and shifts around. Kat eventually falls and Kim wins!

Weighing Their Options

Kim and Chelsea chat about possibly letting Kat go. Whatever happens, Kim says, it'll be a blindside. Earlier, she had made her final three deal with Kat. But her and Sabrina have also been in an alliance from the start.

Tribal Council

At tribal council, most of the attention centers around Kat. She's painted as a naive brat, and the others call her out on how she uses her age as an excuse whenever she does anything stupid. Kat starts feeling like maybe she's getting ganged up on, but then goes on to say how she loves blindsides because they're fun and exciting. Now I REALLY want her to go. But will it happen? I'm not all that confident!

The Tribe Has Spoken

And they totally blindside Kat! Unanimously! Sabrina gets a vote -- from Kat. And her expression is totally priceless. After the second vote for her, she starts looking around at the others with a befuddled look.

Then, she leaves crying, and in her goodbye message, talks about how it's embarrassing to leave before Christina and Tarzan (earlier, she pretty much said the same thing about Kim beating her at the immunity challenge because she's 22 and "Kim's 28."

Kat is right about one thing though, this blindside WAS fun and exciting!

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