Why 'American Idol' Should Fire Steven Tyler as a Judge
Why 'American Idol' Should Fire Steven Tyler as a Judge
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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American Idol is now in the second season of its newest judging panel, and I think it's time for another change. This week, with the judges using their Save on Jessica Sanchez, Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler seemed particularly annoying.

When the three took the stage at the end of the results show to save Jessica, Randy grabbed the microphone and gave America a stern talking to, letting us know that Jessica Sanchez is the best singer in the history of the universe and that if we don't vote for her, the terrorists win.

But as I pointed out, the judges have been doling out so much praise to every single contestant that it's hard to tell when their comments should be taken seriously. The three judges are all so generic in their praise and terrified of getting booed that it's time for the producers to declare this trio a failure and start the search for some new judges.

I can live with Jennifer Lopez's mindless adoration of everyone (I think the producers are spiking her Coca Cola cup with the same drugs Paula Adbul was on). And I'm OK with Randy Jackson being the Screech of American Idol (sticking around long after everyone else has left, going from entertaining to just kind of sad). But Steven Tyler has got to go.

The Aerosmith singer proved his total ineptitude this week. After Ryan Seacrest revealed the Bottom 3, with 10 minutes left in the episode, Steven said that the judges were definitely using the Save no matter what. I guess he's never seen a results show before, because that pronouncement totally killed the dramatic tension of the final 10 minutes. It didn't matter who Ryan sent back to safety or who was at risk, and there was no point to Jessica Sanchez even starting to sing her Last Chance Song. We already knew the outcome.

Aside from Steven Tyler completely ruining what could've been a powerful moment for the show, I take serious issue with his actual comments during the performances. While Randy has adopted "you sang the I-don't-know-what out of it" as his season 11 catchphrase, Steven is using the even blander "You sing so good." Sometimes he'll change it up to "You're just so good." But whatever the performance, 9 times out of 10 he'll describe it as "good."

It's not a compliment and it's not helpful. It's like if one of the Dancing with the Stars judges just gave out an 8 for every single performance no matter what. If everyone is good, then being good has no meaning.

Let's just admit it: Steven Tyler and American Idol are not a good fit. He just seems like a bewildered old man spouting nonsense and struggling to understand the basic concept of how the show works. And if I have to sit through one more segment during next season's auditions where some 21-year-old girl screams about how the 64-year-old Tyler is the hottest guy ever, I might punch my TV.

The X Factor didn't waste any time doing away with half of its judging panel after one season, so why shouldn't American Idol do the same thing? At this point, even Nicole Scherzinger would be better than Steven Tyler. However, if American Idol wants a new judge, it needs to act fast. Given the massive amount of singing competition shows on TV these days, I think every person who's ever worked in the music industry is already attached to a new show.

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