'Glee' Video: Watch the Deleted Bridesmaids Scene
'Glee' Video: Watch the Deleted Bridesmaids Scene
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy is the gift that keeps on giving. Yesterday on his new Twitter account he posted a deleted scene from season 3's Christmas episode between Kurt and Blaine, and now he's giving fans another deleted scene.

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The new scene comes from "On My Way," the episode where Rachel was preparing for her wedding to Finn before Quinn got into the car accident. Here we get to see the girls trying on their pink bridesmaids outfits while Rachel puts on her wedding dress.

The scene perfectly captures all the girls' personalities. Santana is rude, Brittany is flighty, Tina just sits there like a bump on a log saying nothing, Mercedes is a supportive friend, Sugar is just happy to be there, Rachel is delusional and Quinn is the blunt voice of reason.

Quinn lays some harsh reality on Rachel about why she shouldn't marry Finn. "I never pegged Rachel Berry as the girl who'd be too scared to take on the world," Quinn says. Mean, yes, but given the fact that season 3 ended with Rachel actually taking on the world without Finn in New York City, it turns out Quinn was right all along.

Hopefully these will be the first of many exciting deleted scenes and cool new videos Ryan Murphy offers to the world.

(Image and video courtesy of @MrRPMurphy)

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