Exclusive Interview: Rev. Run, Diggy, and Russy of MTV's Run's House
Exclusive Interview: Rev. Run, Diggy, and Russy of MTV's Run's House
MTV's hugely successful series, Run's House, returns for a third season tonight at 10 PM (ET/PT).  Rev. Run (of Run-DMC) and the Simmons family are back and facing new and often times entertaining challenges with the same style, humor and grace that fans have grown to love.  Rev. Run, Diggy, and Russy took some time to talk to us at BuddyTV about the show and what we can expect to see this season.

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What exactly inspired you guys to do this show? How did Run's House come to be?

Rev. Run: Well, people kept looking at us walking around and they kept…a bunch of executives were like you guys deserve to be on your own reality TV show. Andre Harrell was the former president of Motown and noticed us in Saint Barths, and Diggy was in the pool rapping and I was taking off my collar as a reverend, and he was like, “You came in to Saint Barths in your collar, now you’re putting on your swim trunks. You’re the best of both worlds; a rapper, you’re a rapper and your also a preacher, you’re a family man and its just crazy. You guys are a total reality show!” I just kept hearing those words.

Rev. Run, we obviously know that you’re used to the spotlight, so doing television seems like a natural transition for you. So maybe Russy and Diggy you guys can talk to this; what were your initial thoughts about doing the show, and in a sense, living your life on TV for the world to see?

Diggy: I think it’s a lot of fun you know, and I like the experience, you know, ‘cuz it’s something new and everybody does it.

Rev. Run: So when they first told you to do it, Diggy, what did you think?

Diggy: I was happy you know, I thought that it would be a lot of fun and it’s kinda’ been everything that I expected, so I love it.

With every reality based television show there is definitely a little bit of editing that goes on that takes place for production. How “real” is Run’s House?

Diggy: Um its real, everything is real, everything is reality.

Rev Run: Runs house again is: We sit down on Sunday and we come up with what we are doing in our house and they capture it on film. It’s totally real, and the editing, there is not that much editing. They’ll say, ok, say I’m giving a party for Angela and they’ll go set up cameras and watch me talking to the party planner. The party planner agrees that she’ll put on a mic and I’ll go into my thing about how I’m gonna save money, and you get to laugh at it. There’s nothing to it. There isn’t that much editing because we’re filming exactly what’s going on. Say me and my wife after, um, at the end of the day, we sum up our day. They film that. At night, it’s very simple; there’s about five cameras in one room and we clobber the whole screen, the whole thing with cameras and we talk about what’s going on in the house and they capture it. Very simple.

You guys are on the brink of your third season, now set to premier Monday April 9th at 10pm on MTV. What do you think has made this show so successful?

Rev Run: The fact that there’s no shock value. It’s just a beautiful family loving each other. You don’t expect nothing besides for, I mean, I might be a little funny, but basically there’s no...mostly reality shows are something like Danny Bonaduce where something, there looking for dysfunction. That’s a good show because his dysfunction is his reality, and his turning his life around and becoming strong again is reality. That’s interesting to some people. On the other end, some people are interested in seeing a regular guy just raising his family. Even though you see all the bling and a little bit of cars and the house, that’s not the focus. The focus is the love in the house.

What’s in store for this season? What can fans expect to see and how is this season similar or different from the past seasons?

Rev Run: Well the thing about this season is the girls move to Manhattan. Since the girls move to Manhattan that changes the dynamics a little bit. So that will be very funny for people to see; how I’m still nagging them and they’re still coming over. That’s just the truth of our life.

What messages are you guys trying to send, if any, to those who watch the show?

Rev Run: The message we’re trying to send constantly is: the family that prays together and plays together stays together.

Rev Run, what else are you working on? Do you have any other projects in the works that you want your fans to be aware of?

Rev Run: My daughters came to me on one of the episodes and they’re putting out new sneakers. That’s very important to me right now, these sneakers are coming out right now and it’s a big deal. Run Athletics is my company and they talked me into giving them their own little company. Their company is VNA, Vanessa and Angela, and they have a new sneaker coming out called Pastries.

(Interview conducted by Royce Yuen)