'Ruby and the Rockits' David Cassidy Shouts Out to 'The Partridge Family' Co-Star Susan Dey
'Ruby and the Rockits' David Cassidy Shouts Out to 'The Partridge Family' Co-Star Susan Dey
One of the people who have been searching high and low for Susan Dey is David Cassidy of the short-lived Ruby and the Rockits.  The two celebrities starred together in the well-known musical sitcom The Partridge Family, which aired in the 1970s.  A reunion was held recently for the cast of the show, but a major member was absent for the big day.

During their appearance on the Today show for the "Great TV Families Reunited" series, the cast of The Partridge Family sent out a message to Susan Dey.  She was definitely missed by many, particularly actor and musician David Cassidy.  They did, after all, grow up together.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the actor called out to the estranged actress just to tell her how much they want to see her again.  She played Laurie Partridge in the hit series, and the band certainly isn't complete without her.

"I don't know (where she is).  I loved Susan.  I haven't seen her in years," David Cassidy said.  "She became a very close friend of mine.  I felt like she was a sister - she was two years younger than I."

Continuing his heartfelt message, the Ruby and the Rockits star announced: " If you're out there Susan, we still love ya!"

But despite the absence of Susan Dey on the Today show set, there were still notable actors from The Partridge Family present.  They all really missed her, with Danny Bonaduce even joking, "The only way you can reach Susan Dey is by teleprompter."

She certainly has kept herself hidden from the spotlight ever since.  Since The Partridge Family, the actress has only appeared on a few other projects.  These include a number of small TV roles, the most notable being the one in L.A. Law.

Life really has been quiet for Susan Dey, but it looks like her co-stars are trying to change that.  Maybe a short message from her would be nice, just to let all her fans and friends know what she's up to these days.  It's not like we're asking her to resurrect her career like David Cassidy did on Ruby and the Rockits.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle
(Image Courtesy of WENN)