Ruby and the Rockits
Ruby and the Rockits
ABC's Ruby and the Rockits is a half-hour multi-cam sitcom which centers on a former teen idol trying to live a quiet life in the midst of his dysfunctional family.  Patrick Gallagher (Patrick Cassidy) gave up his fame and glamour to settle down, but it looks as though fate has more troubles in store for him.

Patrick's family of four consists of wife Audie (Katie Keane) and his two sons Jordan (Austin Butler) and Ben (Kurt Doss).  Everything's practically normal, except for the fact that Patrick's brother David (David Cassidy) barges in unexpectedly.  He isn't quite ready to give up the former glory he experienced with his sibling in the Rockits band.  In addition to that, he's got quite a surprise for Patrick. He just found his daughter, Ruby (Alexa Vega).

David comes to Patrick for help, as he can't raise Ruby on his own.  Since he wants to relive his Rockits experience, David finds himself busy with performances.  This leaves little time for him to get to know Ruby.  With that, Patrick must convince his brother to stick around and care for her while he keeps watch over the rest of the family.  Now that their life's gone topsy-turvy, Patrick must find a way to keep them all in order.

Ruby and the Rockits is executive-produced by Shaun Cassidy (Invasion, American Gothic) and Marsh McCall (Carpoolers).  The story of the comedy series was developed by Shaun Cassidy and Ed Yeager, with teleplay by Ed Yeager and Marsh McCall.  In addition, the pilot episode was directed by Ted Wass.

Ruby and the Rockits stars several actors known for their performances on acclaimed television series.  There's Patrick Cassidy famous for his role in Smallville, Katie Amanda Keane from Eli Stone, Austin Butler from Zoey 101, Kurt Doss from Role Models and former teen idol David Cassidy of The Partridge Family.  Taking on the character Ruby is Alexa Vega, renowned for playing the female protagonist on Spy Kids.

Catch the premiere of Ruby and the Rockits at 8:30 pm on Tuesday, July 21 on ABC Family.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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