Alexa Vega Dishes on 'Ruby and the Rockits' Role
Alexa Vega Dishes on 'Ruby and the Rockits' Role
Playing the long-lost daughter of a rockstar on ABC Family's Ruby and the Rockits might be challenging for Alexa Vega, but she's certainly having fun.  The series premiered on the network just recently and it already managed to haul in a number fans.

As the title character of the show, Alexa Vega was interviewed by TV Guide's Matt Mitovich and they discussed her work on Ruby and the Rockits.

"Basically the Rockits are a big, huge 80s rock band that were prime in their day," Alexa Vega explained.  "But now it's present day, and they're kind of washed up and aged a little bit."

Created and written by Shaun Cassidy, Ruby and the Rockits follows the lives of these former teen idols trying to either live a normal life or attain their former glory once more.  "The Rockits are brothers, and one of them decides that he wants to be a dad while the other's trying to revive his career by playing in Indian casinos, like all over America,"  Vega said.  "During one of his shows, a young girl, Ruby, who I play, comes up to him and says "I'm your daughter!""

The 20-year-old actress and singer went on to tell the story of Ruby.  "Unfortunately her mother passes away on the show and her grandparents are not capable of taking care of her.  Because she's only 15-years-old, she needs somewhere to stay.  David [played by David Cassidy], her father, isn't capable of taking care of her either because he's constantly running around touring and playing."

Ruby then ends up stuck with her uncle, portrayed by Patrick Cassidy.  "It's great!" Alexa Vega continued.  "Ruby kind of gets this family overnight, which she knew existed but never really wanted to bother because obviously it was a one-night stand that her mother had with this rockstar."

As for being surrounded by the Cassidy family, Vega announced that she was having a great time filming.  "What's wonderful is we're not just working with David Cassidy and Patrick Cassidy, who are brothers in real life.  But Shaun Cassidy also produces the show and Ryan Cassidy is our set decorator."

Whether or not Ruby and the Rockits will take off in ratings is yet to be seen, but for now it's smooth sailing for Alexa Vega.  "It's great because it sets up such a nice dynamic for the show," she exclaimed.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide, ABC Family
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