'Rookie Blue' Star Missy Peregrym: Why I 'Really Love' Sam and Andy
'Rookie Blue' Star Missy Peregrym: Why I 'Really Love' Sam and Andy
If you dig Sam and Andy's relationship on Rookie Blue, you're not alone. Missy Peregrym is a fan too. The actress behind Andy recently chatted with me on why she enjoys the pairing and what else is ahead for Officer McNally in season three.

"What I really love doing is the Sam and Andy stuff. It's so much fun to do," she said. "I come back after a three-month suspension, and I'm so excited to have my job back and be in a relationship with him, but he actually is upset with me for leaving, even though we would have lost our jobs if I didn't."

She cautions that while the couple finally is together after numerous hurdles including Andy's failed engagement to Luke, "to be honest, it's just so much more complicated. It's great that we get to be together [and] there's no hiding it, but it gets really complicated with our jobs. The tough part is just figuring out our groove. He's not my training officer anymore, but he just doesn't know how to let go of that. He's being extremely overprotective. Now he doesn't really want me to do that crazy task."

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Another speed bump for Andy this season is that "I have a personal issue come up. I see my mother again, but I haven't seen her in twelve years. We are on the same call and I see her on the job, which is really difficult. It's confusing."

For Peregrym, whose previous TV career includes a recurring role on Heroes and the short-lived series Reaper, Rookie Blue has given her a chance to stay with one character for longer than usual. "It's the first time I've been able to do this," she explained. "You're going to be attracted to projects as you are growing and evolving in your own life, and be interested in them for specific reasons. It can be therapeutic sometimes.

"It's kind of a give and take," she added. "If [the writers] know more about me, they can use those things. With everything, I really just put myself and my understanding into it, and it's such a strange thing. Sometimes I go through things that happen to me later in my real life. I'm like, 'I've been here before.' And sometimes it's the opposite; I get to pull from stuff [that I've acted]."

She still finds plenty to appreciate in the character of Andy McNally. "I like that she's real," she said. "I like that even though she thinks she's got things figured out, there's always something that catches her off guard. I've obviously connected with her. She's honest to a fault and she has really high expectations. Those can be both a blessing and a curse. I understand that; that's kind of like me."

And as far as challenges in the role now that the show is in its third year, she explains that "There's always something in every season. The first season was me having to shoot a human being. How do I know what that's like? How do I play that? This year was definitely seeing my mother, when I have the complete opposite type of relationship with my parents in real life. I can only imagine not having that. It was so fun to play. That kind of always happens on this show."

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