'Rookie Blue' Star Gregory Smith Talks Tonight's Dov-Centric Episode
'Rookie Blue' Star Gregory Smith Talks Tonight's Dov-Centric Episode
Tonight's episode of Rookie Blue is a big one for actor Gregory Smith: his character, Officer Dov Epstein, is front and center in "A Good Shoot." I recently talked with Gregory to ask about what Dov's about to go through - and what it's like being at the core of an episode.
In tonight's episode, Dov is on the hot seat after he responds to a convenience store robbery and shoots a young black teenager, who may or may not be armed. While his actions are investigated and he worries over his fate, it's up to his colleagues to prevent the close-knit community from exploding in outrage.

That's heavily charged material for an actor to take on, but for Smith, who was previously one of the stars of Everwood, he's experienced enough that it didn't faze him. "You've just got to make it real," he said simply. "It was kind of funny, because they sent me the script a couple weeks ahead of time, but they didn't tell me anything about it. I thought maybe I'd gotten it by accident. About halfway through, I wasn't sure what my character's fate was going to be. I had to put it down and do a little soul-searching before I could finish it."

"It's a heavy episode," he continued. "It was shot by a director named David Wellington, who's incredible, and I was excited for the chance to have him really challenge me. So I was nervous about a couple of things," including an interrogation scene.

Coming off of four seasons of Everwood, which ended in 2006, onto Rookie Blue in 2010, Smith appreciated the chance to broaden his television resume.

"It was great. It was very nice to start a show with a character who was so different," he explained. "It was nervewracking because so many people had known my work from Everwood and there were certain expectations. I'm very proud of a lot of the work we did on Everwood," he added, pointing Rookie Blue fans in the direction of that show's DVD's if they want to see more of his work.

They'll also get to enjoy him behind the camera in this season of Rookie Blue. "They let me direct an episode, which was an incredible episode," he told me. "It's episode eleven." Fans can also keep up with him on Twitter at @GregoryTheSmith.

Rookie Blue airs tonight at 10 PM ET/PT on ABC  - but you can get an early look at "A Good Shoot" with the video clip below. You can also visit the show's official website.

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