Buddy Bites: Casting News on 'Smash' and 'Bunheads,' a Renewal for 'Rookie Blue'
Buddy Bites: Casting News on 'Smash' and 'Bunheads,' a Renewal for 'Rookie Blue'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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You want TV news? We've got TV news! So that works. Keep reading for scoop on Smash, Bunheads and Rookie Blue.

Smash Picks Up Another New Actor

The casting shakeup at Smash just keeps on shaking. The newest addition is Andy Mientus, who will appear as a series regular throughout Smash season 2. Mientus' character will be named Kyle, a young and poor man from Brooklyn just bursting with big Broadway plans.
Kyle is the best friend of another new character, Jimmy, played by Tony-nominee Jeremy Jordan (Newsies).

If you only watch TV and don't keep up with all that theater stuff (an unlikely condition for most Smash fans), the name of Andy Mientus will be pretty much unfamiliar. The actor's major credits are in the plays Spring Awakening and the Broadway adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie.

Will They Still Be Rookies in the Fourth Season of Rookie Blue?

Whether they are or not, we'll have the chance to find out: Rookie Blue has been renewed by ABC for a fourth season. The Canadian drama is kind of a no-brainer for ABC -- it's a big enough success in Canada for production to continue, thus giving the American network a cheap summer filler.

Starring Missy Peregrym and Gregory Smith as young and inexperienced police officers, Rookie Blue season 3 is currently airing Thursdays at 10pm on ABC. Season 4 will begin production later this year and will most likely return for the summer of 2013.

Bunheads Takes One More Step in Its Transformation into Gilmore Girls

It's an arguable point that the new ABC Family series Bunheads might as well be Gilmore Girls: The California Years. But that's OK. Gilmore Girls was great, Bunheads is fun, and having Amy Sherman-Palladino's writing back on the air is nothing but a positive.

Now, the new show is bringing in even more of the Gilmore Girls past to Paradise, California. Sean Gunn, who played town-weirdo Kirk throughout the seven-season Gilmore Girls run, will guest-star in an upcoming episode of Bunheads.

In the episode (scheduled to air on Monday, August 13), Gunn will play Sebastian (aka, Bash), an award-winning barista. Because there are apparently competitions for baristas. Whatever.

Sean Gunn joins a growing number of Gilmore Girls actors appearing on Bunheads. In addition to Kelly Bishop, the new show has brought back Rose Abdoo (Gypsy the Mechanic), Gregg Henry (Logan's jerk of a dad) and Chris Eigeman (Digger).

How soon until Alexis Bledel leaves Mad Men behind and visits Bunheads?

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