'Jersey Shore' Recap: Swimming with the Sharks
'Jersey Shore' Recap: Swimming with the Sharks
Apparently it is quite difficult when intoxicated to distinguish the difference between someone yelling, "Shark" and "Sharp" when you are boating in three feet of water. The meatballs think they are going to be shark bait when they are treading water in their inflatable raft and the roommates start yelling to them them not to get out of the boat because objects around them are sharp. Valid mistake I suppose, but when you are floating right off of a pier in Jersey where you can stand up in the water, I'd say you're fairly safe.

While we are on the topic of the meatballs, let's discuss some of the more outrageous and memorable moments provided by Snooki and Deena this week.

1. Snooki is romantic as ever when she hopes to get it on with Jionni after a night of drinking. Unfortunately, he has had a bit too much fun at the clubs and is clearly incapacitated and unable to perform when Snooki so patiently and lovingly yells, "Why the f*** are you puking right now? Let's have sex." Mmm. I bet that would taste good.

2. Nicole continues her wild antics while sporting the full Lola bunny costume out at the clubs and I must admit I give her credit for being brave enough to wear the full fur. Deena and Lola take to the beach after partying all night to see if a meatball and a bunny can swim drunk. While bouncing around on the beach, Deena channels Pamela Anderson and says, "The only difference between the meatballs and Baywatch right now are the red bathing suits and David Hasselhoff." Yes Deena, those are the only differences.

3. You have to love the Ross and Rachel reference Vinny makes about his confusing relationship with Nicole. The meatball plays with fire when she spends what looks to be a date night out with the youngest roommate. This on and off tango they have been doing for the last five seasons really needs to be resolved, and I'd say Jionni better watch out because their connection has been strong from the beginning.

4. The pint-sized guidette redeems herself a little this week when she purchases a mini motor bike for Ron out of love and friendship. However, I think she has more fun with it than Ron will ever get to have. It is, after all, Snooki-sized. Either way, it was a nice gesture.

There are only three episodes left in season 5 of Jersey Shore and it looks like next week Mike might finally get his revenge on Snooki! That will definitely be a must-see! What is your favorite meatball moment so far? Do you think Snooki and Vinny should get together? Will Snooki and Jionni's relationship last? Leave your comments and come back to BuddyTV every week for your weekly Jersey Shore recaps!

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