'Jersey Shore' Recap: In a World Without Vin
'Jersey Shore' Recap: In a World Without Vin
What happens when the most level-headed member of the house leaves Jersey Shore? The Shore Store falls apart, the house is threatened with the possibility of getting new roommates, strippers pop out of a cake, Sammy gets in a massive fight and the Seaside SWAT team captures the absent guido -- all firsts for the Shore gang (well, at least on public television).

Employee Relations

I know it's hard to believe, but as employees, the entire house is pretty much useless. I don't blame Danny for wanting new people to live at the house and actually work at the store. In what world can you lie on the floor and sleep, hang over the edge of the counter and drink in the back room and still keep your job? Only on the Shore. At least with Vinny's latest departure, Danny's warning about hiring new cast mates seems to have put a new skip in their step while on the job. It looks like they will do anything - even work hard - in order to avoid getting any new roommates.

Sammy Steps Up

Ok, we all probably assumed that Vinny would be back, but is anyone really surprised? I knew he couldn't stay away for long. However happy I may be with his re-appearance, his kidnapping and forced return has overshadowed the real surprise of the week - Sammy is a badass! Did anyone else forget that she was even on the show this season? After endless drama in Italy, staying under the radar might be the best thing for her this season, but I guess I'm just not used to seeing any kind of behavior from her unless it involves an emotionally abusive fight with Ron. Sammy becomes the unfortunate victim of a sneak attack hair-pull, but holds her own in the bar room brawl. What's even more impressive? She keeps a firm grip on her clutch the whole time. You go girl.

The Calm Before the Storm

Next week it looks like the roommates are finally getting along now that Vinny is back ... until Ron questions Mike's sincerity. Do you think the roommates are done fighting now that Vinny is back? Has Mike finally given up trying to sabotage Snooki and Jionni's relationship, or is the worst yet to come? Be sure to leave your comments and come back to BuddyTV every Thursday for your weekly dose of Jersey Shore commentary!

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